The main goal of any work is to earn money. Unfortunately, not always people get the desired result. There are employers who deceive their employees. Because of them, you can not only be left without benefits, but even lose your money. Thanks to negative feedback, you can find out about all such companies in order to "know the enemy in person." For example, in Penza, the black list of employers is quite large. It is worthwhile to study it carefully, so as not to fall for the trick of fraudsters.

Penza black list of employers


PTPA is practically the leader in the country amongproduction of pipeline fittings. Employers in the most favorable light advertise their company: they promise career growth, provide all kinds of certificates and show bright presentations in order to "lure" new personnel into their team. It's amazing how such an enterprise could get into the black list of employers of Penza?

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The first thing that confuses new employees islack of training. From the very first day the management gives a responsible job, despite the fact that the new employee does not have any skills. Many workers complain about the lack of quality equipment and devices that could help to fully cope with the task.

The largest number of negative reviews wasis connected with wages. People who are in search of work in Penza, promised to pay at this enterprise from 20 thousand rubles. In fact, they received about 6 thousand rubles a month. It is worth noting that the cost of living in this city is much higher.

Separately, we should talk about the personnel department,which is presented in the form of another structure. They contract for a job for exactly two months and after the expiration of this time they say that the employees do not fit their requirements.

"Renaissance Credit"

Thousands of happy customers were able to implementhis dream, thanks to the financial company "Renaissance Credit". Representatives of the organization treat each client with special trepidation, offering the most favorable conditions for them. However, it, like many other Penza enterprises, has significant shortcomings.

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Employees assure that to cope with tasks,which employers require for one work shift, is absolutely impossible. Have to stay to work extra. Unfortunately, the leadership does not encourage and does not pay.

We should also talk about the processemployment. The waiting time for consideration of the application is from three weeks or more. Throughout this time on the specified number messages of advertising character with favorable offers arrive.

LLC "Live beer"

LLC "Live beer" always provides for itscustomers the most delicious and fresh drinks. Unfortunately, such an organization, popular with representatives of the male sex, fell into the black list of employers of Penza.

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The first two months the employee can call the mostfavorable period. He is paid a good incentive scholarship for education. Once he enters into a permanent contract after passing the probationary period, the employer starts encouraging him with insignificant payments, about once every three months. The creators of the firm "feed" their workers with constant promises that soon all this situation will normalize, but do not justify their expectations. At the same time they require high-quality work in a short time.


The chain of stores "Pyaterochka" is the leader of the mostadverse organizations, according to reviews of employers of Penza. The firm itself is quite stable: wages are paid on time, each employee periodically receives a bonus, and employment is carried out in a short period of time.

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It is in this city, despite the stabilitythis prosperous company, employees avoid such work. Management does not spare anyone. Forced to work without days off, for one salary to perform immediately a few duties (seller, loader and cleaner). Relations with the workers are the most disrespectful. It is rare for an employer to get an opportunity to take a day off, and those who often have to be on sick leave with children safely "survive".

Taxi "Sura"

Work in a taxi in Penza is considered the mostungrateful. Especially when it comes to the company "Sura". Employers strictly violate the terms of the employment contract, forcing drivers to work 24 hours a day with schedule 2 through 2. At the same time, the maximum salary for one working month hardly exceeds the mark of 15 thousand rubles.

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On holidays, the greedy leadership wants toget as much benefit as possible. Therefore, they accumulate the maximum number of orders, it is almost impossible to cope with them. Because of this, customers wait a long time for transport, and then express discontent.


To date, Rostelecom is one of the most unfavorable enterprises in Penza. Moreover, negative feedback comes from both clients and the employees themselves.

find a job in Penza from direct employers

At first sight everything looks beautiful enoughand believable. A person who is in search of work in Penza sends his resume to the official website of the company. After a certain time, he is called back and offered to pass an interview. After its successful passage, the employee is enlisted in the staff of the enterprise, but for certain reasons, the contract is postponed for another time.

The goal of the work is to attract as many customers as possible. The employee should ring up people, offering them their services, and for each issued application, he gets a good increase in wages. But in reality everything is a little different. The new employee works for a month, but later learns that the labor contract with him will not be concluded, and all the work was in vain.

Goodwin Workshop

Many seek to find work in Penza from directemployers. For example, such a office is "Goodwin's Workshop", which is headed by a young and charming lady named Elena Sergeevna. Many talented people chose this place as a "starting point", from which their further career could develop.

Unfortunately, the young director does not appreciate anyone. She is ready for everything for her reputation: to force people to work around the clock, to do the impossible, and sometimes even to deceive customers. Instead of official employment, she concludes only the contract printed out on the printer. The head promises to pay wages every Monday, but safely forgets about it. Several times employees wanted to punish her by law, but she asks not to go to such measures, referring to the fact that one brings up her daughter.


Unfortunately, more and more blacklistedfall and transport companies of Penza. Recently, more and more negative reviews can be found about the company "Olympus". This organization is quite popular among customers. It offers a huge number of vehicles for rent for various purposes.

However, the employees themselves about it ambiguousopinions. The firm values ​​its reputation, therefore invites only qualified employees to its staff, it is impossible to get here to the beginner. The work experience should be from 8 and more years. The management of the company does not tolerate absolutely any shortcomings. Any violation of the contract (if the employee slept, rattled the client, left earlier from work, etc.) is equal to dismissal. Categorically, leave-offs and sick leave are not welcome, holidays are also constantly postponed, referring to the fact that there is no one else to work. Because of such strict requirements, the transport company of Penza "Olympus" is blacklisted. But among the customers, reviews, in general, there are positive.

The black list of employers in Penza is sufficientscale, despite the fact that it is a relatively small town. If there is no desire to get caught in the trick of scammers, you need to carefully study it, before you get a job.

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