When hiring the first information aboutthe employer learns from the resume. Not only in every industry, but in every country there are specific features and rules for the preparation of this document. When preparing for an interview, review the sample resume in Kazakhstan. To work for a free job, which you are seeking to occupy, there are likely to be several more candidates. Therefore, you need to differ from them in the first stage of selection.

Importance of CV

Summary - a document that provides the first correspondence contact of the applicant with a potential employer. Therefore, it is worth paying enough attention to its correct design.

sample cv Work for students, part-time
Employers conditionally divide applicantsa certain position in several categories. Most often, young specialists are singled out without or with little experience, practitioners who know their business and professional experts, who are hunted by human resource managers. If you have not yet entered the elite category three, a well-crafted resume sample will help you to make a statement about yourself.

In Kazakhstan, the work of specialists is oftensearch, using staffing Internet resources. Accordingly, applicants submit their questionnaires electronically. The most commonly used formats are Word and PDF. Specialists in the selection of cadres of large companies claim that they decide to invite them for an interview within 30 seconds. This is the time it takes to grasp the essence of your resume.

Sample CV for work in Kazakhstan - rules for compiling

Summary - the document, though not the most stringent, but fairly standardized. The eye of HR-specialist is accustomed to a certain structure and snatches the information he needs with professional accuracy.

The first principle of compiling a resume is not difficultwithdraw from the rule of "thirty seconds." This is brevity. You can use the resume sample in Kazakhstan (for work), which we cited in this article as an example. Find the maximum amount of information about the company you are trying to get a job in, and adapt your resume as the management prefers. Send the document in the corrected form.


Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

Date of Birth: ...

Marital status / children: ...

Desired salary level: ...

Education: ...

Experience: ...

Extra skills: ...

Remember about 30 seconds! It is on the first page that you need to reflect all that is important for a particular employer. All the rest of the information describing you as the soul of the company, a remarkable specialist in related fields, the holder of diplomas and awards, transfer to the second. Do not make a long resume. The exception is unless the professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry and a lot of developments in a particular field. And even they are not recommended to write an autobiography of 10 sheets in small print. Be prepared that the second page the manager who opened your letter does not even look.

sample resume Work for students, part-time

Please note that for every vacancy or, at a minimum,Each post should be made up of a separate resume. If you are looking for a vacancy for a freight forwarder with your own truck, then do not use a resume sample for the driver's work.

In Kazakhstan it is customary to insert your photo onfirst page. This rule is not mandatory, but highly recommended by recruiters. When choosing a photo, give preference to those options where your face is clearly visible. It is undesirable to use the "passport" option, an easy smile will be quite appropriate. In addition, we remember the first impression. In this photo you should like yourself. But do not go to the other extreme. Your selfie in a nightclub is also not a good option.

A sample of the resume in Kazakhstan for work will include approximately the same structure, which should be adhered to:

  • contact information, including photos;
  • objective (optional);
  • experience;
  • education;
  • additional information (knowledge of languages, specialized courses, awards, publications, etc.).

Creative CV

For creative professions, finding a resume for work in Kazakhstan is not easy. However, for the creative person there is nothing impossible.

resume for work sample filling in Kazakhstan

Be creative. Consider options such as:

  • graphic summary;
  • video review;
  • advertising leaflet;
  • magazine cover;
  • own presentation.

Supplement to CV

A cover letter can go in addition toany resume for work. The sample of filling in Kazakhstan is even less regulated than the rules for compiling CV. The only thing that can be advised is again a brevity. No one will read long texts, because the cover letter is often spent even less time than on the resume itself.

But the portfolio is very important for representativescreative specialties. It is worth to pay special attention to its creation, worthy of a separate article. What can be advised in the framework of our conversation, so it does not include the portfolio in the resume document. Let it be better this will be a separate file, a link to an Internet resource, an archive of photographs.

Some tips in the end

Once you have selected a resume for work in Kazakhstan and based on your own, check it on the following items:

  • absence of long phrases, brevity;
  • decoration in one style;
  • reliability of information.

Abbreviations should be generally accepted orexplain to the employer at the first meeting. Before sending the resume, ask someone to read it and give their opinion. If necessary, make adjustments.

sample resume Work for students, part-time

Good luck on the interview! Let the work, which you will be arranged thanks to a correctly designed resume, will be comfortable and profitable for you!

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