Many companies, especially small ones, are eager forconstant reduction of costs and cheaper production. For textile industry enterprises, one of the best ways to reduce the cost of renting premises, shops, warehouses, for electricity and equipment is remote employment: for example, a cutter, a ironman, a seamstress at home do piecework work, do not need vacation, hospital, lunch breaks .

seamstress at home
They must produce a certain batch of semi-finished products, and they can work at a convenient time for them.

This type of activity, like a seamstress at home, is veryis convenient for mothers with young children or women caring for a sick family member. Of course, special training is required, at least in minimal volume, and equipment: a sewing machine and an overlock. However, the customer - the enterprise - is often ready to provide the necessary tools to its employees, especially those in whose reliability it is confident.

work seamstress at home

By signing the contract (most often piecework paymentlabor or contract), the seamstress in the home should discuss in advance with the client such moments as: obtaining the patterns (who and when will bring them), accessories, equipment, quality control and acceptance conditions for semi-finished products. In addition, the question of what to do with the rejected products, how to deal in case of equipment failure, should also be clarified. The seamstress at home should discuss with the customer the timing of acceptance and delivery of finished products, as well as what sanctions are provided if they break, for example, because of illness or due to family circumstances.

You must carefully read and announce. As a rule, such work - a seamstress at home - is required for medium and small enterprises. Most often they indicate on what and whose equipment the orders are being executed. Sometimes an industrial sewing machine is required.

seamstress in Moscow at home

What orders does the seamstress get at home? The most varied: for example, it can be a complete tailoring of the product or individual operations (details). The seamstress in Moscow at home is also required for companies engaged in the manufacture of clothing, and firms that produce bed linens, various covers (furniture, phones, laptops), bags. Sometimes it is necessary to assemble the product, and sometimes - just insert a zipper, perform a certain seam or sewn accessories. Salary depends on the performance and speed of work. If a seamstress at home is at the same time a cutter and dressmaker, her clients are usually either wealthy people or customers with special needs who can not pick up ready clothes in the store (for example, because of a non-standard figure, growth). But for sewing furniture or car covers you can earn about 1500 rubles per set. For difficult fabrics or operations, a special sewing machine and a special overlock may be required. But for simpler semi-finished products (like, for example, inserting lightning in pillowcases or duvet covers), household appliances are quite suitable. The profession of a seamstress, like a baker, is always in demand, at least until humanity abandons the use of fabrics in her life.

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