Today we will talk about the actress, who is called Marianna Arias. The biography of this famous girl did not start as sweet as many people think.

Model from childhood

First of all, everything from a small age, including my beloved mother, saw in her a model. Dark hair, slender high legs, graceful leanness - all these qualities were given to her from God at birth.

A family

Now, after so much time, MarianaArias tries to spend more time at home. At a time when the beloved father of the actress was dying of cancer, he taught her the most important thing - to love and respect his family.

mariana arias

Therefore, Marianna Arias and her daughter Paloma have manytime spend together. Since her first marriage had long since disintegrated. A few years ago, the famous actress again visited happiness. Love has again entered the heart, now Marianna Arias is happy. The family with her new husband seemed to have pushed her to new feats.

wild angel
So now she is more involved inshooting various shows. Based on recent interviews, it was possible to sum up that Mariana Arias is happy and does what she always wanted - she works on television.

"Wild Angel"

As for her work in the series, of course, allgirls, who were high school students in the nineties, know her in the first place as Andrea. Although it was supposed to be known as a model named Mariana Arias. The filmography of this actress basically consists of serials. The most famous work, of course, was the sensational series "Wild Angel" in the nineties. The story tells of a girl named Milagres, who literally grew up in the streets and was brought up in an orphanage. All would be nothing, but she turns 18, after which she is obliged to leave the shelter and start an independent life. She is friends with younger children who are brought up on the street. Constantly she comes up with new interesting ways of making money. However, not always these ways work as it is necessary. Then she gets into the house of an influential arrogant family. Here no one stands with the servants, except for one elderly woman on the top floor. She takes the poor girl under her care. Doña tries to tame the exuberant spirit of the girl, and teach her how to behave, according to etiquette. She tries her best, but the girl studies too slowly.

mariana arias filmography
Since he believes that all the subtleties of behavior to knowshe does not need anything. After all, if there is no sincerity in such communication, these are just beautiful words. Since the girl is very violent disposition, she immediately began to quarrel with a girl named Andrea (the beloved of the young master and heir). But it turns out that this "rag" is most directly connected with their family, and is the daughter of the owner. Of course, the love story did not pass by the famous series "Wild Angel". Milagres falls in love with his adopted son Ivo (later he learns that he is the non-native son of one of the parents).

Every now and then the young couple is quarreling, and Andrea, alreadyformer girl Ivo, trying to prevent them. But is it really going to end? After all, lovers learn that they are stepbrother and sister. And here not. As always, intrigue on intrigue. Ivo is not her brother, because they have different fathers. Therefore, nothing seemed to foretell troubles, but it is not so easy to reconcile with the new state of affairs. Milagres's mother died in exile from the house where she worked, and she could not take care of herself. And angry Chelito promises that he will never forgive this trick to his father, even if he meets him.

The series lasted almost a year, and tortured the younggirls developing events. Every series was waiting for a happy ending, but he did not want to advance. Something new was happening constantly, as if deliberately delaying a good event.

Russian television began broadcasting thisthe series in 1998 and finished in the summer of 1999. On the day of the final series, all the girls and women of the country sat at their homes and waited for her, where the old bride, Pilar, stole her lover and held her in an abandoned house, not wanting to give it to her beloved girl.

She literally became obsessed with him and wanted to marry him by force. But it was not there. In his evacuation from a mad woman, even the police were involved.

marianna arias biography
And the most interesting is that a year later, the characters stillfind each other and get married. Andrea ends up with Milagres' father, and Ivo's mother finds her happiness with her long love, which lasted from her youth.

Everyone seems to be happy, Milagres Lina's girlfriendmarries another Ibo named Bobby. The cook, who dreamed of getting married all her life, marries Ramona. Well, Señora Victoria, Ivo's younger sister, remains with her chauffeur who has been trying to get her a long time.

Unprecedented fame

A wonderful picture that will remind of childhood always, despite the age.

marianna arias family

Of course, after the released series all the actors andactresses have acquired an unprecedented fame. Many could not find the strength to shoot other pictures. Since all the fans pursued their roles from "Wild Angel". In general, they still should not complain, because everyone is now engaged in their favorite business.

Work on TV

For example, Mariana Arias dreamed all the timework on television and went a long way from school models, all sorts of trips and foreign shows before filming in well-known TV series, including filming in the TV series "Wild Angel".

Now she is involved in a TV show thathelps women understand their problems. In the last interview she often told and emphasized that she wants to be useful in this world. Therefore, the model business was abandoned. Her dream is to help entangled women and girls and seek together with them a way out of the difficult situations that have arisen.

Probably, she will appear on the screen of Russiantelevision more than once, but it will be a completely different, different image to the familiar Andrea. It will be a completely different story, a story about how Mariana Arias was able to achieve universal recognition.

What is happening in the life of a star

Now she is fifty years old, but she has lost her charm and charm, which was characteristic of her 15 years ago. Although for many stars of the famous television series, time has not passed without a trace.

Marianna Arias and her daughter Paloma
The second time she got married, Mariana takes care of herpersonal life from television cameras. Therefore, there is no information on this topic. Unfortunately, the photo report is also not presented, so you will not be able to see the wedding dress. From the latest photos you can only see her photo with her beloved daughter and family friend snow-white labrador. One thing is certain that the life of the famous creative person of Argentina was uniquely successful.

A small conclusion

Now you know who Mariana Arias is. This famous actress and model cherishes her career, she loves her family, especially her daughter.

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