Each talented actor has his own beautifulcreative biography. Salman Khan - an actor of Indian cinema, known for his uncommon approach to the choice of roles, - as well as possible demonstrates this worldly wisdom. The real name of the actor is Abdul Rashid Salman Khan, and he appeared in the small town of Indore on December 27, 1965.

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Salman Khan is the eldest child in the family, his ancestorswere from Afghanistan, that's why when he first appeared on the screen, viewers considered Khan a foreigner. He has two brothers - Sohail and Arbaaz, who are also famous and sought-after actors in India. It was with Arbaaz that Salman studied in Gwalior boarding school. Two of his sisters - Arpita and Alvira - decided not to continue the acting dynasty and devoted themselves to quieter occupations.

Since the beginning of his acting career, he has appeared almostin 100 films produced in Bollywood. Today, Indian films with Salman Khan are very popular not only on the territory of their native country, but also throughout East Asia. He debuted this bright actor in the sky of Indian cinema in 1988, having played a modest role in the feature film "The Wife".

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After that, Salman began to actively attendscreen tests, believing in their strength and hoping to get a major role in any movie. Luck smiled at him, a year later he was noticed by the director of the film "I fell in love" and invited him to take part in the film. Khan gave all 100 percent, for which he was rewarded in full: not only fame and popularity fell on him, but also offers from directors and producers. Among other things, the jury of the prestigious film award Filmfare awarded the actor a prize in the nomination "Best Male Debut".

Since then, only successful films have dazzled himbiography. Salman Khan took part in the shooting of such successful films as "Wife Number One", "Carefree Twins", "My Beloved", "Karan and Arjun", as well as many others. For seven years, the actor has been shooting a lot, agreeing to almost all the proposals coming from the directors.

The actor worked tirelessly (this is evidenced byhis biography). Salman Khan in 1999 became the winner of the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor. His reward, he received for a modest but significant role in the film "Everything in life happens." Also, 1999 brought Khan a role in the popular film "Forever Yours", which entered the treasury of Indian cinema.

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In the 2000's actor's career Khan went into decline,he became less likely to be removed, more sensitive to the choice of scenarios. The family became the main priority in the life of the actor, as evidenced by his biography. Salman Khan in the 2000's starred in such popular films as "All I give to you", "In a whirlpool of troubles" and "Take it alive or dead." Separately it is worth noting the picture "Fearless", which took the second place in Bollywood at the box office (since its foundation).

Salman Khan, whose biography is knownalmost all lovers of Indian cinema, was repeatedly convicted of disturbing public order. For several years he was in a relationship with the popular Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai, but after the couple broke up, it turned out that Khan behaved at least obscene. Parents actress repeatedly complained to the police on Salman, who for some time pursued Aishwarya, wanting to return the relationship. Now the actor is single, continues to act in films.

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