In the year 2000 on the Russian screens there was a series of films about gangster 90's in St. Petersburg. The central character in the series featured Antibiotic. "Bandit Petersburg" fell in love with the audience. And the performers of the main roles only strengthened their positions in the domestic cinema. So, who played in the third part of the film "Gangster Petersburg"?

Antibiotic. "Bandit Petersburg". Actor Lev Borisov

It's amazing, but the actor Lev Ivanovich BorisovI had to wait for my "star" role of 67 years. Borisov, a graduate of the Schukinsky School, has acted in film since 1954, but the directors did not indulge in his main roles. And then, who did he play? The groom's father in the film "Accused of the wedding", a locksmith in the car park in the series "Visit to the Minotaur"? Were these films very popular and allowed to reveal artistic talents? And so, only in 2000, Lev Borisov had the opportunity to play such a character character as Antibiotic.

antibiotic gangster petersburg
"Bandit Petersburg" really became a "star" hour for the actor. After the release of the series on the screens of Lev Ivanovich began to learn on the streets, to interview and print articles about him in the newspapers.

Antibiotic - authority in the underworldSt. Petersburg. He is cunning and resourceful. It is these qualities that allow him to stay on top for so long. But everything once comes to an end. And in the third part of the film, Seryogin and Major Kudasov surround the Antibiotic around the finger. However, Govorov is put in for a short while - in the fourth part of the film he is again free.

"Bandit Petersburg. The collapse of the antibiotic »: Alexander Domogarov

Alexander Domogarov took part in the filming of almost all the series of the film "Gangster Petersburg". Domogarov in the film got the role of journalist Obnorsky, whom Antibiotic pursues.

"Bandit Petersburg", the actor in which he playedthe enemy of criminal structures and the authority of Govorov in particular, came out on screens in ten parts. Such a character as Obnorsky was featured in the first six parts.

gangster petersburg the collapse of the antibiotic
In the first part Domogarov was in the centerplot, involuntarily crossing the road of the Antibiotic and becoming his personal enemy. In the second part, Obnorsky, in the performance of Domogarov, appears only in one series, agreeing to take from Chelishchev in the development of compromising material on the criminal authority of Govorov. In the third part, Andrei Obnorsky joins with RUOP chief Kudasov and is happy to dump Antibiotic. They manage to arrest him for a while, but this internecine war will continue in all subsequent parts of the film.

Yevgeny Sidikhin as Nikita Kudasov

The character of Yevgeny Sidikhin is Major Kudasov,plot - one of the few operas, which is not bought by bandits. Nikita Kudasov believes that crime is not all-powerful and can be defeated. But, as they say, you can continue to imprison "pawns" for years, but other performers will come to their place. But if the crash will suffer such a person as Antibiotic ...

antibiotic gangster petersburg actor
"Bandit Petersburg" is a film in whichthe character Sidikhin is trying with all the forces of the law to destroy Govorov, to put him behind bars, where the criminal and the place. And although in his aspirations Nikita Kudasov sometimes looks naive, especially in the eyes of "sold out" colleagues, he continues to work stubbornly.

The person of the actor himself does not needrepresentation: since the 90's, Sidhin appears in all serious fighters and criminal films that are filmed in Russia. To date, his filmography has more than a hundred films.

Lev Durov and his character Korablev

In the third part of the film it turns out that "underGod walks "even Antibiotic. Gangster Petersburg stirred up the news that the famous authority was "ordered". And to fulfill this order must a certain Korablev. True, Vasily Mikhailovich does not manage to do his job and ends up in the detention center. Then he is killed there by the people of Antibiotics. The role of the hired killer was performed by People's Artist of the USSR Lev Durov.

antibiotic film gangster petersburg
Lev Durov has been acting in films since 1955. and played many significant roles. Perhaps the most famous films with his participation are the pictures "For family reasons", "I walk around Moscow", "Bumbarash", "Old Men-Robbers" and many others.

Before his death in 2015, the actor managed to star in the film "Do not be afraid, I'm with you - 1919".

Nikolai Rudnik as the Skull

"Bandit Petersburg. Collapse of the Antibiotic "almost became the last role in the cinema of Nikolai Rudnik. Shortly after the shooting, he died at the age of 53.

Nikolai Rudnik back in 1974. became a graduate of the Shchepkinsky School. After that, he constantly changed theaters and moved. In the movie played only 12 roles. But of all his film works, the role of the Skull in "Bandit Petersburg" is perhaps the brightest.

film gangster petersburg the collapse of the antibiotic
According to the plot, Skull is the head of the guardAntibiotic. He is phlegmatic, sensible, but very cruel. Many viewers admit that they hated the actor's character as a pure embodiment of evil. That, of course, is a compliment to the performer, since it is so good to play a villain when a person forgets that he is watching a movie, is a rare gift. Unfortunately, Rudnik only acted in the first three parts of the film, and in 2002 died of a serious illness.

Other actors

In the film, not only the actor Lev Borisovhis character is an antibiotic. The film "Bandit Petersburg-3" was filled with many interesting characters. Another mean and corrupt villain turned out to be the character of Andrei Tolubeev. Colonel Gennady Vashchanov spared no effort, currying before the criminal tops of the city, for which he was arrested in the 7th series. In the role of the girl Kudasova appeared on the screen Olga Ponizova - the star of the series "Two Destinies".

And the role of Rachel Dallet, who "ordered" antibiotic, was performed by Xenia Rappoport.

film gangster petersburg the collapse of the antibiotic

Also the film "Gangster Petersburg. The collapse of the antibiotic "was honored by the presence of Boris Birman. He is not only a famous serial actor ("Black Crow", "Cinderella Hunt"), but also a screenwriter, as well as a songwriter. In the criminal picture of Viktor Sergeyev about the bandits of Peter, he played the role of one of the authorities and owners of the St. Petersburg casino - Sasha Soldat.

For several minutes StanislavSadalsky ("The Cat in the Sack", "Promised Heaven") as the director of the warehouse. Oleg Andreev ("Slaughter Force-3") played the role of an operative, and Viktor Smirnov ("Russian transit") - the director of a large firm.

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