American actress Jamie Chung gained wide popularity due to her participation in one of the reality shows on the MTV channel called "The Real World" and the films "Prohibited Reception" and "Bachelor Party".

jamie chung

At the Crossroads

Jamie Chung was born in 1983 in thethe city of San Francisco sunny California. The actress has Korean roots, although she is a representative of the second generation. The girl successfully graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the branch of the University of California, located in Riverside. According to the singer, she always dreamed of acting, but she decided to be ready for anything. Congenital pragmatism prompted Jamie to focus on education in the field of economics and business. The future movie star figured out all the options, including failure in the acting field, so she decided that it would be superfluous to have an economic education in reserve.

Debut on TV

Jamie Chung, whose filmography is nowtime includes 26 film and television projects, debuted on television, after casting the 14th season of the rating show "Real World". The filming process took place in San Diego, the girl was literally torn between filming and studying, that's why she was represented to a wide audience - a student combining creative activity and study.

The personal life of the future big movie starsurrounded by a halo of secrecy, the only thing that has been achieved by ubiquitous journalists is the recognition of close friends of the actress. Approached by Jamie Chung lament that the girl always chooses the wrong guys.

jamie chung

Creative way

After the triumphant debut in the reality showthe beginning actress has noticed many filmmakers. In the shortest time, the girl received several invitations from the film producers for the casting. Having successfully passed the tests, Jamie Chung is removed (for now she has secondary roles) in the following projects: "Chuck and Larry: Fire Wedding", "Days of Our Life", "First Aid" and "Veronica Mars".

2008 is considered a significant milestone in his careerperformer: the actress performs her first major role in the mini-series "Samurai Girl". After that, she joins the universally recognized movie stars Demi Lovato and Selene Gomez in her work on the Princess Protection Program.

And Zack Snyder's work "Prohibited Reception"finally fixed the performer status of the real star of the big cinema. In an art-house action movie with a deep storyline and a chic visualization, Jamie Chung played the role of sweet and gloomy Ember. And although the creators initially saw in the image of the heroine Emma Stone, after casting for the role was approved by Chung. In the process of working on the image of her character, Jamie was inspired by the heroine Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill".

jamie chung

The subsequent filmography of the actress

In 2012, the actress is removed in an energeticthe action film by David Koepp "Urgent Delivery" and plays the main role in the crime drama Megan Griffiths "Eden". Jamie Chung beautifully revealed the character of her character - a young Korean woman, kidnapped and forced to engage in prostitution. The girl has to unite with the kidnappers in order to survive.

In addition, the actress took part in thethe continuation of the cult comedy franchise "Bachelor Party-2", where Lauren played. Her character was so fond of the viewer that the creators, without hesitation, introduced the heroine into the narrative of the third part.

In the filmography of the actress there is one morepopular sequel - "Sin City-2". In the film of Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Jamie played the role of Miho, a female ninja. In the first film this character embodied on the screen Devon Aoki, but the actress refused to take part in the production of the sequel because of pregnancy, so the creators invited Chung and did not lose.

Currently, three films are being prepared for the premiere: "In Hong Kong tomorrow", "Year of changes" and "New Year's corporate", in the production of which Jamie Chung was directly involved.

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