Anna Morozova is known to many collectors asthe author of unique dolls-rebornov. The uniqueness of such a toy is that it completely imitates a real baby, with hairs and wrinkles on legs, with marigolds and a heterogeneous skin color. By the way, this baby even feels to the touch very much like a living one. Not so long ago, a wave of admirers of such art swept over our country.

Anna Morozova

How it all began

Dolls Reborn came to us from the west and instantlyconquered the hearts of fans with their naturalness. Anna Morozova, like many other masters, quite by accident turned out to be among those who were simply swallowed by this unusual hobby. At first Anna collected pupae from different masters. The collection caused in it an incomparable delight! Of course, as a true creator, inspired by the idea, Anna began to make her lovely crumbs.

In each doll Anna lives a part of the light and gentle soul of the master. After all, real creations are always created in some special state that can not be learned.

Where the babies come from

The creation of living dolls always workseveral masters. First of all, the sculptor sculpts from the vinyl individual parts of the body - the handle, legs, head, sometimes the body. Then the artist enlivens the resulting mold-workpiece. It is this task and is engaged in the master of the reborn Anna Morozova. By the way, Anna always carefully chooses the workpiece for work. She's not one to look for, where she's cheaper. Preferences are given to the sculptors, with whom Anna already had the luck to work.

First, a body is decorated. This stage gives the child a healthy skin color, lines on the palms, lips and teeth. Then the baby gets eyes, nails and hair, turning into a born child.

Particular attention is paid to clothing thatis purchased in a children's store or specially made for each creation. I must say, a dressed doll can scare its liveliness. It creates the illusion that the baby is breathing and stirring.

At the final stage, a photo session is held, after which it just can not help but create the impression that toys can come to life, it is only necessary to turn away.

dolls of Anna Morozova


Reborns of Anna Morozova are differenttouching and admire the extraordinary similarity with the real kids, and what can be more beautiful than the immediacy of the baby! In Anna's collection there are a lot of different kids: there are very tiny pupae, like, for example, Semushka. His height is only 28 cm. But this does not deprive him of naturalness and touchingness. However, as a rule, the dolls of Anna Morozova are of the size of a living baby.

Anna Morozova herself notes that working withlarge pieces are a bit more complicated. However, with pleasure he creates and grown kids. When you see something like this, there is a strong feeling that the baby can hear you and see, you want to nurse him, sing and sing to him songs.

A special charm is possessed by Anna's sleeping reboundsFrosty. This is just the case that can confuse anyone who has not encountered this art. Just look at this miracle! Well, can it not be real? Everything in these babies makes you tremble with admiration and tenderness!

reborn Anna Morozova

How to become the parent of a special child

Have you ever thought about howto settle in your house such a child? Yes, the impression is very ambiguous. Some people perceive such dolls as children's corpses. Of course, these people rebel cause fright and disgust. Others sincerely admire the naturalness and spirituality of artistic design.

However, to buy such a doll will not be solved fareach. First, this pleasure is not cheap, the prices for dolls start to range from several hundred euros. Secondly, these dolls are not meant for children's games, but are called to serve as a source of aesthetic pleasure, as works of art.

It happens that collectors turn tomaster with special wishes. However, a true artist to create a work of art must feel and experience what he creates. That's why the master Anna Morozova does not like to work for an order. All dolls, born by Anna, are unique and spiritual.

master of reins Anna Morozova

Each child of Anna is endowed with her own history and lives a unique life. Getting into the family, the kids of this master necessarily become universal favorites!

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