Mikhail Lvov is a poet of the Soviet Union. He is famous not only for his creativity, but also for the merits that he displayed during the Second World War. His courage was admired by many comrades and even commanders.

Biography of Mikhail Lvov

Mikhail Davydovich was born on January 4, 1917 in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The name given to him at birth sounded like Malikov Rafkat Davletovich.

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The pseudonym "Mikhail Lvov", under which he wrotehis poetry, he explained very simply - one of Rafkat's most beloved poets was Mikhail Lermontov, from whom he adopted the name; He took the surname on behalf of Leo Tolstoy, who was one of the most outstanding and talented classics of Russian literature for Rafkat.

The poet's family

Mikhail's father was a simple teacher in the village, wherea poet was born. Already many years after the end of the Civil War, it became known that Mikhail Lvov's father was an ardent revolutionary. During the Civil War, the poet's father nearly died, defending the interests of his homeland.

Mother, finishing school-gymnasium in Zlatoust, received a gold medal for excellent studies.

However, the mother could not help the boy in school -seriously ill, she died when Michael was not even a year old. The boy was raised all his life by one father, investing in Michael all the knowledge and skills necessary for a man.

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At the age of six, Mikhail Lvov helped his father inhard work. My father taught Mikhail to plow the land, mow the grass, cut wood. It was hard for the boy, but he never complained, seeing how hard it is for a father to keep a household. Already at an early age, Mikhail Lvov became a huge support for his father, who, in turn, was very grateful to his son throughout his life. Years later, Mikhail's father will say how much he is proud of his son. "A real man who knows how to work with both hands and head. He did everything so that I could really be proud of them, "- that's what Father said about Mikhail, already on his deathbed.


Despite the fact that he spent all his childhood in a typical Tatar family, he was fluent in Russian.

After graduating from school and growing up, Mikhail Lvov went onthe father of the father - a young poet entered the pedagogical school in Miass. At this stage of education, Michael decided not to stop - after graduating from the technical school, while still at a young age, the poet entered the Literary Institute named after Maxim Gorky.

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In 1941, Mikhail Lvov was already making sketches for his own works. While still a college student, he began writing his first book, which was published in 1940.

Interest in literature

The most important moment in his creative career washelp school teacher Mikhail Lvov. Teaching the boy literature, the teacher noticed from him a talent for writing poetry and prose. Then the teacher decided to personally embark on the development of writing talent from his student.

The first thing the teacher gave Mikhail Lvova huge list of world classics, among which were Russian writers. After reading each book, Michael had to write several pages of the composition in the same style as the author of the work. Thus, the list that the teacher gave to Mikhail Lvov was fully read only after three years.

This teacher of literature greatly influenced the further development of Mikhail's writing talent. This was the first literary school of the poet.

Military years

With the advent of 1941, the war affected all. At the same time studying and working, Mikhail Lvov spent a lot of time at construction sites that were held in the Urals. But the more time passed, the clearer it became that Russia needed help in this war. Then Mikhail Lvov and his comrades signed up as a volunteer. Becoming a soldier, he spent the entire war in the tank troops of the Soviet Union.

Mikhail Lvov walked along a multitude of roads with his tank detachment. Such military ways to peaceful life became Ukrainian roads, Czechoslovak, German and Polish.

The commanders of the detachments and fellow soldiers-all those who fought hand in hand with Mikhail, all talked about how much this man is brave and brave in battle.

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Despite the difficult and terrible time, Michaelwrote poems and in times of war. The most famous works of Mikhail Lvov were the poems "To Become a Man - Little To Be Born", "Letter", "Stargazer" and others.

Post-war activities

After the war, in 1950, Mikhail Lvov joined the ranks of members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

It was with the onset of a calm and peacefultime Michael was able to finally do literature, because it was the poet who lay with her soul. First, Mikhail Lvov was engaged in translating works of national poets of the Soviet Union. The most frequent works, translated by the poet, were poems by Kazakh classics, such as Mylin, Seifullin, Sarsenbayev.

Mikhail Lvov himself expressed himself at the expense of poetry,saying that poetry is the guardian of great values, and everything that the poets of the war and post-war times wrote about was filled with tragedy and heroism.

Verses by Mikhail Lvov

Michael dedicated many of his poemswartime. And to this day, we often hear works of Lviv, themselves not knowing about it. On the day of the Great Victory, on May 9, everyone can hear such songs as "Sitting in the arms of veterans", "Hot snow" and others. However, few people know that the author of the lyrics of these songs is Mikhail Lvov.

Interesting Facts

Mikhail's father, just like his son, was interested in poetry and wrote his own poems, many of which were written in Russian.

The father of Mikhail Lvov was the first teacher inBashkortostan, who received for his professional career the title of professional teacher. But besides that, Mikhail's father was also awarded the Order of Lenin.

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Mikhail Lvov himself was awarded numerous medalsand such orders as the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the "Badge of Honor", differing in both the strength of spirit and the courage that manifested throughout his life.

Death of poet

Mikhail Lvov died on 71 years of his life. Seeing how quickly and rapidly the world was changing, Mikhail himself was surprised at such significant changes around him. January 25, 1988, Mikhail Lvov died in the capital of the Soviet Union - in Moscow.

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