The last work of director John Hughes was the lyrical comedy "Curly Sue." Actors in this picture created images of heroes of a heartfelt, touching story.

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John Hughes never sought to createcult films. He shot a simple, understandable movie. When one of his films - "One at home" - became a real hit (apparently, by a fluke), Hughes did not play the role of a great director, but continued to create all the same kind, simple stories. However, the author of the picture "Curly Sue" possessed an amazing gift. The actors in his films were characters of stories, devoid of profound philosophical meaning. But, despite this, each of them penetrated into the very heart of the viewer.

"Curly Sue"

Actors James Belushi and Kelly Lynch in 1991starred in the film on the classic plot. Fashion for similar stories was introduced by Charlie Chaplin, creating a movie masterpiece "The Kid". John Hughes was one of the most talented American cinematographers of the end of the last century. But his legends made legends. Unlike his colleagues, Hugh did not come up with new artistic techniques. He just took the plot, which by that time was more than half a century, picked up the actors and started shooting.

A tramp and a child

It is worth briefly outlining the content of the film"Curly Sue". Actors in this film were shot pretty well-known. The lead actors are listed below. For those who have not watched the legendary film Hughes, it is worth saying that the plot is devoid of any kind of intrigue. The tramp brings up the girl of nine years. Sue "got" him from a roommate, who died when the child was very young. Bill - this is the name of the film's hero - educates the baby as best he can. Its main source of income is fraud.

Bill throws himself under the wheels of an expensive car. The girl in tears. The driver of the car realizes that he does not have any problems, so he quickly repays from the "victim", who, by the way, sees the money, is instantly healed. The plot of this picture was not original even in 1991. Nevertheless, it is still popular today. What is the success of the movie "Curly Sue"?

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Actors and roles

Hughes was able to work with small artists. It's worth looking at Sue, played by little Alison Porter. She touches touchingly adult themes. Incredibly fast turns from a girl bandit into an angel. In order to reveal the young talent, you need to have real talent. During the filming of paintings by John Hughes, young artists behaved absolutely naturally. And this is the success of the films that he created about children and for children.

Other actors of the movie "Curly Sue":

  • James Belushi.
  • Kelly Lynch.
  • John Goetz.
  • Cameron Thor.
  • Steve Carell.
  • Burke Byrnes.

Continuation of a story

In the movie about Sly the Curly, there's nothing fun,Despite the fact that Hughes's paintings are attributed to the comedy genre. The story of a little girl is tragic. The humor that is present in the film, the script writer added, in order to deprive the film of sugaryness, mawkishness.

curly sue actors and roles

The picture shows the fate of three completely differentof people. The protagonist is a man who is at the very bottom of social life. He cares about a girl named Sue, because he has no one else to love and no one to take care of. Bill meets a wealthy successful woman. Held in a career, but not in family life. In Gray, a maternal instinct awakens. There comes the most heartfelt moment in the plot. Sue is too small, she does not think about her future. The girl is not able to appreciate the material benefits that she can use when she lives with Gray. Nine-year-old Sue can only love. So she will never part with Bill. The incorruptibility and purity of the child's soul is, perhaps, the main idea of ​​the film of John Hughes.

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