In our material, I would like to talk about such aa talented Irish actor like Liam Cunningham. What famous films did the actor star? What is known about his personal life? What did Liam Cunningham do in his youth? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our article.

early years

Liam Cunningham love life

Liam Cunningham was born on June 2, 1961in the city of Dublin, Ireland. Our hero was born in a large family, a fairly poor family, in addition to him there were three girls and one boy. A gifted, talented guy has always dreamed of an actor's career. However, at the age of 15, he was forced to drop out of school and work as an electrician to help his parents make ends meet.

In the early 1980s, Liam Cunningham decided to move toZimbabwe, where he was engaged in maintenance and installation of power grids in one of the safari parks. In parallel, our hero taught local technicians. To earn this way Liam quickly bored. He returned to his homeland in Ireland and decided to re-qualify as an actor. To this end, Cunningham enrolled in specialized courses. Thus, a man who at that time was already 27 years old, became a pupil of the school named after Oscar Wilde in Dublin.

Start acting career

Liam Cunningham in his youth

Surprisingly, the former electrician LiamCunningham took only a few months to get his first role on the stage. Soon the talented artist went on tour in the United States.

In 1992, Liam Cunningham first appeared ontelevision. The actor played an episodic role in the adventure film "To the West." Alas, but to call a full-fledged debut 30-second appearance of the artist on the screens, it was difficult. Therefore, it is not surprising that the actor did not attract any absolute attention from the successful directors.

However, not too successful start did not disappointself-confident, purposeful man. Liam Cunningham did not give up, continuing to take on secondary roles in a variety of projects. Finally, the artist's efforts paid off with interest. A turning point in the career of our hero was shooting in the film "Little Princess", which was released on wide screens in 1995. Here the actor happened to simultaneously turn into two characters - Prince Ram and Captain Crewe. The following year, Liam Cunningham just cemented the result by playing a hero named Fillotson in the film "Jude."

Star Actor's Hour

Liam Cunningham

True success was expected by Liam Cunningham in 2012year. In this period, the already middle-aged actor of the second plan managed to pass a casting for participation in the extremely popular television project "The Game of Thrones". In the second season of the movie, the actor turned into an image of the character of Davos Sivort - a loyal subject and the right hand of the heir to the throne of Stannis Barateon.

To date, behind Cunningham shooting is already in the seventh season of the series. His movie hero was fond of the audience of fans of the film and gradually turned into one of the central characters.

Liam Cunningham - personal life

Outside the set, the actor is famousmodest, respectable person who was never celebrated as a participant in scandalous stories. The actress is married to an ordinary Irish woman named Colette, with whom she has three wonderful children: the sons of Liam and Sean, as well as daughter Ellen. As before, the family lives in the homeland of the artist in the city of Dublin.

It is worth noting that throughout his careerCunningham repeatedly tried himself as a director and producer. With the assistance of the artist, several episodes of the popular television series "Clinic" were filmed. In addition, Liam participated in the work on the short film "Stealing in the pitch darkness."

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