Two American musicians from the state of Iowa, CoreyTaylor (vocalist) and Joel Eklman (bassist), in 1992 founded their own rock band. They named it in honor of the alcoholic drink Stone Sour (Russian "Screwdriver"). A little later, as a guitarist, K. Taylor's longtime friend, Sean Economouki, joined them.

Corey and Joel remained unchanged members of the group. Guitarists also changed very often, until in 1995 they found James Ruth.

At the beginning of its existence thehas received wide popularity, as studio albums musicians did not write down and contracts with labels did not conclude. The guys just played in the nightlife of Des Moines.

Stone Sour

The departure of K. Taylor and the disintegration of the Stone Sour group

After 5 years of the group's existence, in 1997,Corey decides to leave her. He joins in already gaining at the time the popularity of the team Slipknot, which at that time was looking for a vocalist. Without K. Taylor's "Stone Sour" gradually ceases to exist. After him, James Ruth leaves. Later the team leaves Sean, deciding to become a concert manager. And Joel leaves the scene indefinitely to spend more time with his family.

Stone Sour Concert

Revival of "Stone Sour" in the former composition

After some time, one of the formerguitarists "Stone Sour", Josh Rendl, wrote several songs. In 2000, he decided to ask Corey what he thought about the new compositions. K. Taylor was impressed by the songs of Josh. Among them there were such tracks as Orchids, Get Inside, Idle Hands. Corey and Josh started working together again. It lasted more than a year. In the end, they were pleased with the result of the cooperation and in 2001 decided to revive the group "Stone Sour", and in the same composition. At first the collective wanted to change the old name to Closure or Project X, but later the musicians refused this idea.

Release of the group's first debut album

Having signed a contract with Roadrunner records, in 2002the team released their first studio album. They called him, like the band, Stone Sour. The first concert of "Stone Sour" in support of the CD took place on June 23 of the same year. The album included thirteen tracks. The songs of Josh Rendle Get Inside and Inhale were nominated for a Grammy Award.

In 2003, the record was re-released together with fivebonus tracks. The album "Stone Sour" was very successful, sold a circulation of 500 000 copies and became gold. So the musicians, at last, got world fame.

In one of his interviews, Corey Taylor said that"Stone Sour" is a group in which he can do what is forbidden in Slipknot because of creative differences in the team. Nevertheless, he remains a vocalist in both teams.

The Stone Story Group

New album Come What (ever) May and replacement of drummer on Roy Mayorga

For the period of writing the third album Slipknot andthe subsequent touring tour in his support of Corey Taylor, and along with him and James Ruth leave the band. The other participants begin to work on the second disc "Stone Sour", then to re-reunite in 2005, and in 2006 to release a new successful record called Come What (ever) May.

But the team is losing its drummer D. Eklman. Joel leaves the group because of tragic family circumstances - the death of his son. He is replaced by Roy Mayorga, who left the drummer's place in Supultura.

With the second album "Stone Sour" went tolonger tour. They visited many countries, including Russia. In Moscow, "Stone Sour" made on October 18. After a long tour in 2009, the band starts working on their third album Audio Secrecy.

Stone Sour in Moscow

Replacement of the guitarist and changes in the musical style with the release of the third album Audio Secrecy

And again the group loses one of its participants. This time, the team from Iowa leaves the guitarist Sean Economoumy. In his place comes Jameson Christopher.

In 2010, the musicians completed their work onalbum Audio Secrecy. In July, the first official single, Say you'll hang me, appeared, and in September the album itself appeared. It turned out to be "softer" and more melodic than the previous two albums "Stone Sour". With this album the musicians decided to impress their fans with hearty lyrics. They managed to achieve an ideal balance, between "soft" compositions and heavy rock. If you listen to the album in order, you can see the transition from the lighter tracks (Say You Haunt Me, Dying and Imperfect) to the heaviest tracks (Mission Statement, Unfinished and The Bitter End).

Leading guitarist Jim Root performs some of thethe best solo in his career. He plays virtuously, precisely, technically. Drummer Roy Mayorga also performs his roles with brilliance. "Fucking awesome" - this is the characteristic given to the album by frontman Corey Taylor.

The departure of guitarist James Ruth and subsequent albums of the band

Since the release of the third disc is only a year and Corey announces that work will begin on the fourth.

In 2012, the House of Gold and Bones Part1 was published. In 2013, the second part of this album was released - House of Gold and Bones Part2.

James Ruth

In 2014, James Ruth leaves the "Stone Sour"explaining this by the fact that he needs to work on a new Slipknot disk. The band has nothing left but to find a new guitarist. It becomes Christian Martuchi.

In 2015, "Stone Sour" produces a mini-albumMeanwhile in Burbank, consisting of five covers of bands like Alice in Chains, Kiss, Metallica, Judah Priest and Black Sabbath. Then the musicians begin to work on a new record - Hydrograd. But only in April 2017 the Stone Sour group began to conduct the same active activity as it once was. The musicians released several singles in a row and a new album.

This time the musicians decided to experiment and slightly retreated from their previous sound, adding rock'n'roll.

Music style and features

The musical style of "Stone Sour" includesgenres of hard rock, alternative and heavy metal. Two guitars provide a harmonious vibration. Cory Taylor's vocal parts are mixed with screaming and growling. Guitar riffs are usually heavy, sometimes there is a double bass sound in songs. "Stone Sour" is often referred to as nu-metal, but the collective has repeatedly stated that they do not consider themselves to this genre. Josh Rend said that their style includes elements of trash metal.

group stone sour

Corey Taylor has a wide vocal range. He sings in a low voice and falsetto. This allows him to stay in harmony with the sound of the guitar. A similar manner - heavy reefs with a light vocal, and vice versa, is also inherent in the Deftones team.

In 2013, Corey Taylor received the Golden Gods award as the best vocalist of the year. At the same time, the group itself was also awarded this award. Later, Golden Gods was awarded to Roy Mayorg as the drummer of the year.

The public is always happy to see a group that works at a high level and can amaze them with its sound. This is exactly what Stone Story is doing in every album.

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