In the good old days, when for writingwe used goose feathers, which had to be dipped in ink, it was easy to put a blot on paper. It was worth a little zazevatsya, do not fully shake off the pen or just inaccurately twitch your arm, and the letter was spoiled. He wore a huge blot, saying that the work would have to be rewritten anew. Now the pen is written unless the people carried away by rarity, in order to imbue with the atmosphere of the past.

how to draw a blot

Fountain pens against fountain pens

In Soviet times pen pens appeared,which had to be filled with ink. Confusions with blots occurred less often, but were not eliminated until the end. Fountain pens, as well as their predecessors, continued to spoil the scribble, forcing them to alter, rewrite and tear up the corrupted sheets. Now, when the fountain pen rules, the blot is almost impossible to see. Such an event can happen only in emergency situations, for example, if a hot rod flows in hot weather conditions. Children began to forget what a blot is, because the pen is convenience and practicality.

draw simply

Blot in cartoons about schoolboys-loafers

In many of our beloved Sovietcartoons about the grief-pupils have episodes when a schoolboy puts a blot in his notebook. Doing homework, which already seems to him difficult, the character is terribly angry because of what happened. Modern children, looking through old cartoons, are wondering about what a blob is and where it comes from. It is difficult for them to understand the entire mechanism and the history of the formation of blots, because those pens that they use do not flow. Here, as always, parents come to the rescue, who can not only explain everything intelligibly, but also visually show the child on the example of paints, gouache or watercolors, how to draw a blot. To learn everything new is much more interesting if you do it together.

how to draw a blot in pencil


The shape of the blots resembles a fuzzy paint spotor ink. Most accurately explain the child about her in several ways, for which you will need an album and paint for drawing, a brush and a simple pencil:

  1. The first method is with a brush and paints. Dipping the brush in the water, and then, densely smeared it with paint, you need to lift it above the album sheet and wait for the color drop to fall on the sheet. Under the weight of its weight, it will acquire a unique shape. A blot is easy to paint, even a one-year-old kid can cope with it.
  2. The second method - using a simplepencil. How to draw a blot with a pencil? Simply, if not to be afraid and to show a little creative abilities, which are laid in each of us. To do this, it is simply worth reproducing on a paper irregular in shape and proportions circles or ovals. This should be done by including fantasy in the work, because each blot is unique. Inexperienced artists may think they are the same, but this is an absolute misconception.
  3. The third original method of drawing blotswill be this: for starters it is worth completely painting the album sheet or any canvas designed to work with a homogeneous paint. Then you should dip a clean brush into the usual water and, without flicking it, hold it over a pre-painted sheet of paper. A drop of water will certainly fall on the canvas and leave a trace in the form of a washed out place. This will be a blot. This method gives an answer to the question of how to draw a blob with clean water. Using it as a competition at events, you can attract kids for a long time, and this, as you know, is very valuable.

blob shape

How to draw a blob and turn it into a masterpiece?

This is not all. The resulting vague spots can easily be turned into funny monsters or wonderful jellyfish. After visual explanations to the child about how to draw a blot, you can begin this more fascinating occupation. This is easy to do, adding a few original details: eyes, nose, mouth. You can draw whole families of similar monsters or make everyone different. Everything is decided by imagination and imagination. It's easy to draw when you are doing it in a good mood and in a cheerful company. Such interesting joint creative events are also good to hold in big children's companies, for example, on some holiday. Children with great pleasure will laugh at the original masterpieces of each other.

Draw with the children, the whole family - it's fun and funny.

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