Many artists are faced with this situation,when the tube with the necessary paint ends, and go to the store uncomfortable or just laziness. How to overcome this situation? It turns out that you can get the desired shade by mixing various colors. You just need to know what colors to mix to get a purple or other missing hue. Many painters still know from school that purple and many other colors are secondary, and they can be obtained by mixing primary colors. In this case, red and blue.

What colors do you need to mix to get purple

Brush it is necessary to put on a palette a littlered paint. After rinsing the brush, take the same blue and carefully mix the colors. Also, every professional artist knows what colors to mix to get a purple lighter shade. For this, not red, but pink paint is taken. After mixing in the palette, you can apply the paint to the canvas, adjusting the color by adding one or another shade.

what colors to mix to get purple

Are there any other tips on what colorsyou have to mix to get purple? Indeed, you can do it differently: you have to take the lilac paint and mix it thoroughly with white. Do not forget to rinse the brush every time you change the color. Varying the amount of white paint, you can get the desired shade of varying intensity. It is worth noting that any color of the blue scale when mixed with red gives violet. Each artist in the stock always has a large selection of colors and shades, so try mixing red cobalt, blue (azure shade) ultramarine and phthalocyanine blue. It turns out an interesting purple color, more calm and muffled. You can also mix the black paint with alizarin red. You will get a slightly dark violet range of pure and beautiful color.

When a child draws, he always asks,what colors should be mixed to get a purple hue or some other, and it's worth it to help in this. Maybe he will be a professional in the future and draw his dad or mom. Little children always like something to interfere with something, and let it be paint. Knowing what colors to blend to get a purple or other shade will help the kid not only to entertain himself with experiments, but also to develop his aesthetic taste. Someday, maybe, it is with him that artists will be consulted when they paint pictures. After all, many of them can perfectly depict contours, but they have difficulties with the selection of colors.

What colors do you need to mix to get blue?

The question of what colors should be mixed toget blue, usually set by non-professionals, because real artists know that this gamma is basic and it can not be obtained in pure form when mixing some shades. Many believe that to get a blue color you can mix yellow and green, but it's not. A mixture of these two colors will not give a blue, but a light green tint. But if you try to take a lot of blue and a little magenta, you can enjoy a beautiful bluish tint in your drawing.

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