The comic universe of Marvel is experiencing a realboom! Following the adventures of Spider-Man, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, two hits came out at once, bringing together most of the drawn characters. This is truly a real gift to fans of the fantasy saga. Let's find out what the success of the tape of 2015 "Avengers 2". Reviews of the film will be our assistant.

Avengers reviews about the movie

How it all began…

But before we talk about the leader who gatheredfabulous cash in the first months of hire, we will return a few years ago. The first "Avengers" was preceded by a long preparatory process, including the approval of the scenario, the technical component, the impressive funding for which the company decided. The picture was released in 2012. The plot featured key characters: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Falcon Eye, Black Widow, and a number of secondary heroes.

What conquered the "Avengers"? Reviews of the film were hastened to express the first audience, who came to the premiere in the fashionable Los Angeles cinema El Capitan. So, they noted the simplicity and easy naivety of the plot: our universe is under great threat, the powerful of this world can save it from enslavement. These are the heroes mentioned above, who descended from the pages of comic books. It is known that they appeared in the middle of the last century and for many years waited for their high point. A great opportunity to revive the characters on the screen and served as a fantasy "Avengers". Reviews of the audience tend to the fact that the film turned out to be a real Hollywood action. Still - with a budget of 220 million, he simply must conquer the spectacle and special effects. Success is confirmed by colossal fees, which exceeded the $ 1.5 billion mark.

avengers 2 reviews about the film

Logical explanations as a pledge of understanding

It would seem that hundreds of different heroes Marvelhave a chance to confuse an obscure viewer. And if the "newcomer" can "swallow", then "old-timer" will require an explanation. What can I say about the plot of the painting "Avengers"? Reviews about the film clearly demonstrate that the idea of ​​the authors did not overdo it. With all the richness of the Universe itself, writers are especially cautious about writing each line. That's the way it seems that there is nothing contradictory, and if the characters are gathered into a single team, then it's no accident. The audience admitted that they did not have a desire to focus on details that seemed stupid, insignificant or "crazy". The key idea - to save the Earth on the scale of neighbors, friends, society - is understandable to the impossibility. It contains human values ​​that are not alien to superhumans.

What other qualities do "Avengers" have? Reviews of the film talk about the rationale for everything that is offered on the screen, despite the most incredible fantasies that can be in the authors. The audience acknowledged: leaving the hall, they did not suffer from the realization that certain plot lines were not understood. On the contrary, every act of any character can be explained, which means that there was no sludge of ambiguity.

avengers 2 era altron reviews

Visual picture

One of the obvious reasons for the success of numerousreviews and reviews of the movie "The Avengers" called skilful distribution of astronomical budget director Joss Widon. Thanks to the built scenery, the expected action and special effects, the result exceeded expectations. The audience admitted that it was the "destructive" effect that was most appreciated. With such strong characters, it would be illogical to expect from them "correct" actions. About any boredom speech could not be! Especially if you have to save the planet, wait for chaos on the ground! From the entertainment is breathtaking. Probably, this was the main emphasis in creating the masterpiece we are considering.

American actors: everything in the collection

Impressive ensemble of the main actors- a fact of special pride. Watching the actors of the favorite images, we are pleased that they not only preserved their "face" for the "Avengers", but also teamed up. Is it worth to separate someone separately from the movie "Avengers"?

The Avengers 2 reviews

Reviews of the film unanimously calledmagnificent all actors without exception, who created their own unique images. At the sight of Robert Downey Jr. the audience had a feeling that he was literally created for this role. Unlike the previous "Iron Man", now you can see a change in the character of the hero. When a global threat looms over humanity, it's Tony Stark who appears - caring, sympathetic, concerned. He thinks about others, but retains a keen language and sense of humor. To connect such qualities was helped by the talent of Downey.

Did not remain without the attention of spectators Samuel L. Jackson, who ideally embodied the one who is destined to unite the team of defenders. And also Tom Hiddlestone, brilliantly played the treacherous Loki, who takes deception, and not by force.

Waiting for the sequel

The undeniable success of the first "Avengers" caused a waverumors and conjectures regarding the continuation. It did not wait for itself - the shooting started in early 2014, and the premiere took place a year later. What will now entice "Avengers-2: The Age of the Altron"?

reviews about the movie The Avengers of the Era

Reviews of the audience celebrate the plot, comparable tothe previous part. Mankind is still exposed to threats of destruction. The main villain Loki is rendered harmless, his place was taken by Altron. The sequel is also different from the fact that the "Sh.I.T." organization has disbanded with the predecessor's finale, henceforth people themselves are compelled to ask for help from the Avengers.

Forget the past, think about the future

What do the first reviews of the movie "The Avengers" say? "The era of the Altron" brings to the viewer a simple idea. By and large, it is not the salvation of humanity that remains a key task. Similar storylines authors can come up with as many as they like. It was more important to show how to combine a superhero and an ordinary person, without losing their individuality. Do not lose yourself and your own destiny - that, perhaps, is the main message of the picture. On the example of the confrontation between Thor and the Hulk, their awareness of who they are inside and not outside, the audience sees the unity of the team that managed for the sake of our planet to leave past conflicts.

The people lure the spectacle

And again, continuing the success of the first part, the creatorsBribes an impressive spectacle, which is an integral part of the tape "Avengers-2." Reviews of the film include evaluations of critics who are in agreement: it is undoubtedly the best blockbuster since the beginning of this year. It is advised as a story that you need to "watch", disconnecting from everyday worries. Each episode captures, and the whole picture literally flies in one breath! It is perfect for relaxing. At the height were and special effects, especially tangible in the 3D version. By the recognition of the audience, the action scenes in the film are enough to the extent that the next few weeks you will be full of them.

avengers 2 era of the altron reviews of the movie

Split personality

Not only a powerful visual picture is filled withfilm. What other components are rich in "Avengers-2"? The reviews of the spectators who watched him are marked by flashback scenes, which have become a pleasant addition. So, thanks to them, the audience met with other superheroes enslaved by the magnetic influence of the Scarlet Witch. On the other hand, it is a good opportunity to get into the consciousness of the characters and see their mental state. And also once again to remind that they first of all remain people, and then already superheroes.

"Avengers-2: Era of the Altron", reviews: adulthood, new idealization

It is impossible not to evaluate such a large-scale project,what was the long-awaited sequel. So the critics hurried with opinions, to which, perhaps, those who have not seen the film will listen. So, we should compare two parts: the first turned out to be an ironic "daring" and contained more adventure motives, while the second is noticeably different in depth. The topic on which the plot relies on is easy to call religious - Iron Man and the Hulk create a semblance of God, called Artificial Intelligence by Altron. He manages to overtake humanity in cunning, creates a double, gives strength and reason to many robots, minions, whom from now on it is increasingly difficult to defeat. The idea is as narrow as possible - the team is forced to defend itself against the one whom it created. The film itself takes the form of a parable: he made himself an idol, and now you are suffering with him. Undoubtedly, the authors "threw" a controversial topic, over which many viewers ponder.

Reviews and reviews for the movie The Avengers

Everything will be told about everything

While the film historians of the whole world express themselves in personalreviews of the success of the second part, the heads of film companies are more looking at the film's rental figures. Since its appearance on the screens it has been several months. What ratings did the "Avengers-2" earn?

Reviews of the spectators contain mainlypositive feedback. The leading Internet portal Rotten Tomatoes counted more than 75% of the votes of the respondents with an average score of 7 out of 10 admissible.

Cash indicators are also impressive. With a budget of 250 million, the fees exceeded 1.3 billion; is allocated a premiere show day, which brought 9.5 million dollars. Interesting and the following fact: "Avengers-2" bypassed "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars." I wonder which next project will be able to climb above this bar?

avengers reviewers


Summarizing, one should once again recallsuccess, the accompanying picture. What were the "Avengers-2: Age of Altron" memorable? Reviews of the film highlight a few primary reasons, based on which viewers have made a choice in his favor:

  • Easy, accessible story. The idea of ​​saving humanity from the evil of the world scale does not differ in originality, but there is no need to wait for another from the history of superheroes, on which people are equal.
  • Internal intrigues, skillfully woven intonarrative, allowing to look at the characters from another, more "ordinary" side: the romantic relationship between the Hulk and the Black widow, the rethinking of the views of Captain America, the "joy" of the family life of the Falcon eye, the love line of incompatible, at first glance, characters.
  • Unsurpassed images, differing in theirdissimilarity and charisma. Spectators highlighted the sparkling humor of Tony Stark and Thor, often discharged the atmosphere, and their jokes, "thrown" to the Captain America. Pleasantly surprised that the sequel has not forgotten the past characters like Agent Maria Hill.
  • The emergence of new heroes - twins called Mercury and the Witch - from the fictional country of the Law.
  • Presence of action scenes. Here skirmishes, chases, hand-to-hand fights, flights ... Yes, sometimes they are too tight, but truly pleasing to the eye.

To watch or not - the answer to this question is the viewermust give himself. Obviously one thing: both parts of the "Avengers" can be called impressive. A motion picture movie that leaves positive emotions. According to many viewers, the second part surpassed its predecessor. It is difficult to call "Avengers" the best kinorabotami the comic universe, but this is not the worst of its representatives. Unfortunately, there were minuses. Errors that are noticeable during a second review are: a scant soundtrack, a lack of psychological tension.

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