The role of a horse in the history of mankind has foundreflection in historical chronicles, and in masterpieces of fiction. The names of the famous horses, beginning with the winged Pegasus - a symbol of poetic inspiration, entered the world culture.

what was the name of the horse don quixote
The legendary Bucephalus for someone who loves history,is inseparable from his great rider - Alexander of Macedon, and every reading person remembers the name of Don Quixote's horse. Rosinante is a full-fledged character in the great novel of Cervantes.

A new name is a new destiny

Among a multitude of meanings, facets, allusions,which is filled with a famous novel, the most important is the idea of ​​the power of the human mind, able to change the world with the power of imagination, create a new reality. Just like Alonso Kihano (or Kehado, or Qesado), a mediocre person, turns into a glorious knight, ready for great exploits, when he was given the title of Don Quixote, everything changes around, having received a new name.

The copper shaving basin becomes a golden helmet. Peasant Aldonsa Lorenzo becomes Dulcinea of ​​Tobos - the most beautiful of women, for whose sake knightly deeds are committed. Lame, thin nag turns into a powerful horse, carrying his rider to glorious feats. His proud name Rosinante (the name of the horse Don Quixote), she receives even before the ingenious hidalgo chose the name itself.

Four days in meditation

Don Quixote was convinced: a change in the position of the master requires a change in the name and his horse. It must correspond to a new rank and a new, glorious career: everyone should remember the name of the horse of Don Quixote, a valiant knight from La Mancha. Therefore, he spends several days, straining his imagination, remembering and meditating, sorting out different options, reworking ready-made words and making up one of several parts. In the end he settled on the sonorous and noble name Rosinant.

horse name don quixote

We do not know what the name of Don Quixote's horse was,pores, as she became a knight's horse, but for her a new name completely changed the future. According to all the canons of knightly novels, it is the horse that determines the destiny of its rider, choosing the way. The name of Don Quixote's horse became famous, meaning a beautiful and strong animal, true to its heroic master, however, is more often used with an ironic or parody tinge.

The meaning of the name Rosinant

Not for nothing did the ingenious hidalgo spend a lot of time insearching for the right name for his horse - it is difficult to forget, as the horse Don Quixote called. Its name is sonorous and polysemantic, explaining, first of all, as the master wanted, the significance of changing his status: a horse that used to be a traditional nag becomes "the best of nags".

Rocinante is a pun out ofcombination of two words. The first - Rocín - exists in several Romance languages, meaning a working, unmarked horse or, figuratively, a rude, illiterate person. The second part - ante - can be a separate word meaning "before", "before", "before", and the suffix that determines the circumstances, that is, in this case doing something like Rosin. In the mix, there are many meanings: "the likeness of a horse," "what used to be a horse," or "what a former nag has become", "the nag that's ahead of all," and the like.

Double of Don Quixote

Anyone who first read the novel by Cervantes,the resemblance of a horse and its rider is striking. This is confirmed by many of the literary scholars who have devoted entire volumes to the study of this book. There is undoubtedly an outward similarity: both the knight and his steed are bodiless, denying vulgar materiality and belonging to the higher, spiritual world. The trials sent by fate are similar: Rosinante is subjected to ridicule no less than his valorous master, and the beatings inflicted on him are just as painful and palpable.

horse Don Quixote was called

There is one more quality common to the twocharacters, which has a sublime meaning. Both Don Quixote and Rosinante in their new life exhibit abilities that are inaccessible in the past. The horse, from which, due to the thinness of the bone, protruded in all directions, becoming a knight in an imaginary world, becomes capable of acting, perhaps exceeding its capabilities. Despite the awkward fall at the beginning of the novel, this is the faithful and enduring horse of Don Quixote, whose name was Rosinant - "ahead of everyone else, the first nag in the world."

The household name

The significance of the novel about the adventures of a knight from La Manchaconfirmed by its worldwide fame and the total number of circulations around the world. There is no need to explain what "quixotism", "battle with windmills" or "knight of the Sad image" is. Images of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Dulcinea are embodied in a variety of films and theatrical productions in dramatic and musical theaters.

what was the name of the horse don quixote

All over the world, you do not need to be reminded of the name of a horseDon Quixote. The ironic nickname Rosinante invariably receives any haggard or extremely thin horse. But this word, according to Don Quixote, really, beautiful and sonorous, is appreciated by professionals of naming and without ironic overtones, just like the famous horse's nickname. Many centers of hippotherapy or equestrian schools bear the name of the true companion of Don Quixote.

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