In the school of magic Hogwarts young sorcerers do notonly received education, but also learned what friendship, betrayal, courage and first love are. A great impression on the students was made by the guests from other schools, among whom was Viktor Kram.


The first appearance of Kram falls on the fourth book, when the Tournament of Three Wizards was held in Hogwarts. Mages from France and Eastern Europe came to visit their English "colleagues".

Victor Krum

The school from which Victor came, was calledDurmstrang. It was very different from the other two educational institutions, because it also taught dark magical arts. Therefore, the students evoked a mixture of fear and curiosity among their peers. True, Victor Cram himself hated dark magic and treated with disgust for those who considered themselves followers of the famous magician Green de Wald. Dark wizards led by the Green de Wald killed Victor's parents.

Krum was chosen to represent hisschool in the tournament. His friends and teacher arrived with him. From the general crowd of guests, the Bulgarian stood out due to his high growth and powerful physique. As noted by Harry, Victor Krum looked a little older than his years, but it was difficult to call him handsome. His gait was complicated by clubfoot and flat feet, he was constantly hunched, and his smile rarely visited his face. By nature, the Bulgarian seemed sullen and unsociable. However, only on earth he was so awkward. It was worth it to climb the broomstick into the air, as he became the best among the sorcerers.

Victor Cram and Hermione Granger

During the tournament, Krum drew attention to theHermione, the best friend of the protagonist. Slowly he began to give her the first signs of attention. But that the young witch liked the Bulgarian, everyone guessed at the second trial. The meaning of it was that each of the participating wizards had to save a man who was dear to the heart. Krum had to save Hermione.

Hermione and Victor Krum

In honor of the Tournament for guests and hosts in Hogwartshipthe ball was arranged. And all were very surprised when Hermione and Victor Krum came to him together. Not without jealousy from friends. But it was obvious that the English sorceress liked her admirer.

Young people had to be separated when the Tournament was over. But some time after parting they exchanged letters.

Life of Victor Krum after the Tournament

A young wizard, despite his successes insport and a serious attitude towards communication with girls, was by no means popular. And although Hermione responded to his signs of attention, she was not ready to leave a house and friends for Victor's sake.

Victor Crame actor

The next time, Cram visited England, when hisinvited to the wedding of one of the brothers Weasley and the third participant of the Tournament. But only the reunion between Granger and Kram did not take place: the girl was in love with another. Then the Bulgarian turned his attention to the groom's sister, Ginny. But again I lost it, because she was in love with Harry Potter. And he responded to her feelings.

Victor Kram has achieved great success in sports. He became a member of the Quidditch team and even participated in the World Cup. But in the finals his team was defeated. Unable to withstand disappointment, Cram finished his sports career. True, the desire to become a champion turned out to be stronger. After a while he again went on the field for the national team.

Victor also became luckier in his personal life. As she told JK Rowling, he found a lover in his native Bulgaria and married her.

Stanislav Yanevsky

Stanislav and his hero have a common motherland - they are bothwere born in Bulgaria. Only the share of the actor fell more travel. He lived for some time in Israel and England. The young man himself was not going to become an actor. The beginning of his career was put by chance.

Victor Cram and Hermione Granger

The role of the Bulgarian wizard claimed almost600 actors. But Stanislava noticed an assistant in the actors and offered it. In her presentation, Victor Kram looked like that. The actor liked and fans.

The role in the fourth film about the wizard Potterbecame Stanislav's ticket to the big cinema. After the film about the boy-who-survived he played in several other films, and then starred in the penultimate screen version of Joan Rowling's books about Harry. But the scenes with him were then cut and did not appear in the final version of the film shown in theaters.

The relationship between Victor Krum and Hermione was found by many fans around the world. About them they write, draw and make a video. This story is popular, although it was told to the world more than ten years ago.

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