The play "Uncle Vanya", a summary of whichcompletely conveys its storyline, was written by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. He was not only a playwright and writer, but he also practiced medicine throughout his life. Anton Chekhov created in the literature a new direction, which was later adopted by many authors.

He believed that the main task of the writer is not to answer the reader's questions in his works. And, on the contrary, to ask them themselves and simultaneously create a topic for reflection.

Uncle Vanya

The beginning of the work. First action

The play "Uncle Vanya", a summary of whichbegins with a description of the tea party in the manor, consists of scenes of village life. Under the old poplar is a table, which was covered especially for tea. Cloudy autumn weather.

At the table there is an elderly nanny Marina,a thin old woman Elena Andreevna, the wife of Professor Serebryakov, to whom the estate belongs. Voinitsky, or Uncle Vanya. Around the table nervously walks Astrov. Soon appears Telegin, who was nicknamed Waffles. This is a ruined landowner, he lives in the estate on the rights of a dependent.

Conversations of those present at tea drinking

What do these people say about tea? The play "Uncle Vanya", the summary of which only in general terms conveys the mood of all those present, does not seek to analyze their actions. The author only voices the thoughts of each of his characters, giving the reader himself to judge the correctness of their reasoning and actions.

Uncle Vanya Chekhov

Astrov is a doctor by profession, and while the old womanpours him tea, he tirelessly tells her about the difficulties of his work. Complains of unsanitary conditions in the huts of peasants, various epidemics and because of this frequent deaths. He worries about the Russian forests, which are cut down even without business. However, this person not only sympathizes with nature, but also finds the time to plant new young trees.

The brother of the first wife of the professor

Uncle Vanya, who is the first brotherwife Serebryakov, grumbles that since the professor came to the estate with his second wife, the whole habitual way seemed to roll over. Voinitsky does not even try to hide his envy of Serebryakov. He criticizes him for his constant complaints. He laughed at the fact that the professor has written about art for a quarter of a century, but in fact does not understand anything about it.

Elena Andreevna, the second wife of the professor,which is significantly younger than her husband, is infinitely boring in this estate. She complains about the lack of any entertainment. The fragmentary phrases and replicas of all present are not related. There is no general dialogue at the table. But it is from them that one can judge that the play "Uncle Vanya" (a brief description of it and continue to contain various dialogues) first of all emphasizes all the tension of the drama experienced by the characters in the play. There is neither prosperity nor peace in this estate.

uncle vanya czechs

Attitude to the professor of others

Mother Uncle Vanya, Maria Vasilievna, very warmrefers to his son-in-law and reprimands his son for the fact that he expresses contempt for the professor. And Voinitsky envies Serebryakov not only because of his career successes, but also because of the popularity among women. Moreover, he liked the young wife of the professor.

But on the recognition of Voynitsky Elena Andreevna notreciprocated, but only dismissed. She does not understand at first what caused this attitude to her husband. It seems to him that he is the same as everyone else. So the play "Uncle Vanya" by Chekhov, the brief content of the first chapter of which has come to an end, describes his characters. Virtually all negative emotions center around the professor.


Passions are heating up, or the grumbling professor

About what further narrates in his play "UncleVanya "Chekhov?" The abstract is now entirely devoted to Serebryakov, and with every passing moment one feels how an atmosphere of hatred and enmity is gathering around this man, which irritates literally everyone, and now even his own spouse, who somehow forgot that he is the same as and that's all.

The professor constantly complains about variousdisease. It requires careful care of him. Voinitsky finally understands how small his relative is. He recalls all the time that they, along with their niece Sonechka, who also lives in the estate, worked for him. Often denying himself anything, they tried to send Serebryakov as much money as possible on the estate.

It's impossible to hide emotions

The summary of "Uncle Vanya"how much the negative situation has developed in the estate. All the characters have accumulated so many emotions inside that they simply can not contain them. Astrov got drunk and began to scold the whole Russian life.

Uncle Vanya's play

He suddenly started talking about how beautiful ElenaAndreevna with her soul, her body, her thoughts. But, in his opinion, she leads a completely wrong way of life, parasitizing at the expense of her own spouse. The beauty of this woman attracts a doctor. Sonia, in turn, tells her stepmother about her tender feelings for Astrov. So passion flares up in the play "Uncle Vanya". This chapter concludes this chapter.

The boiling of feelings around the wife of Serebryakov

Sonya notices how Uncle Vanya, like a shadow, is wandering aroundfor her stepmother, and Dr. Astrov abandoned medical practice, even the forests that so worried him. Elena Andreevna suggests the girl to talk with Astrov about her feelings and even she herself wants to find out about his attitude to his stepdaughter.

But the doctor does not notice this. He, on the contrary, begins to tell Elena about her love for her. She tries to kiss her. The witness of this scene is Voynitsky. Uncle Vanya is not only embarrassed, but to some extent even frightened. The woman wants to leave the estate. Thus, the summary of "Uncle Vanya" reveals all the secret feelings of the characters.

The estate will be sold, or How to live further to its inhabitants

The professor collected all the inhabitants of the estate andannounced that he was going to sell it. He will invest money in securities, which will ensure that he and his wife continue to have a comfortable existence. What did Chekhov want to show in his play "Uncle Vanya"?

book summary uncle vanya

The summary does not convey exactly allthe statements of the characters, but, based on the news itself, which the professor said, we can conclude how much this character is petty and selfish. He did not even think about where his daughter Sonechka and Voynitsky would live.

Although there is an important fact, which he mentionedauthor. This is what the estate itself belongs to Sonya. She inherited it from her mother. The brief content of the book "Uncle Vanya" can not fail to mention the reaction of the main characters to this statement of the professor.

Shot, or Final Events of a Work

Voynitsky simply boiled over this decisionSerebryakov. He finally expresses to the professor everything that has accumulated over a long time. A grandiose scandal began. During which Uncle Vanya could not restrain himself and shot at Professor Serebryakov, who had bothered him. But, fortunately, missed.

What is the end of the work "Uncle Vanya"Chekhov? The summary comes to an end, and it remains only to describe the last scene, during which Astrov and Voinitsky talk about their lives. The professor together with his wife is going to Kharkov. Everything remains on the estate as before. Uncle Vanya and Sonia are engaged in a neglected household. The girl also dreams of a better life.

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