Alexander Milyutin - the actor who became famousthanks to filming in many cult Soviet films. The main roles were not assigned to the performer, but even the appearance in the episode Milyutin knew how to make it interesting and unforgettable. In which pictures can you see Alexander?

short biography

Alexander Milyutin was born in 1946 in the glorious city of Odessa.

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Why Alexander chose the actor's profession is unknown. But in 1965 he went to Moscow to enter the theater. Milutin was enrolled in VGIK, which the actor graduated in 1969.

After the distribution, Alexander was accepted into the acting staff of the Kiev Film Studio. Dovzhenko. Information about whether an artist was playing in a theater or not, did not remain.

Early film works

Alexander Milyutin did not wait for the endInstitute and started acting in the cinema at the third year of study. The first work, which has expanded his filmography - the role of a prisoner in the military drama "Unforgettable." The painting was filmed on "Mosfilm" based on the stories of Alexander Dovzhenko.

In the same year, the artist appeared in 2 more pictures: he played a buyer of pies in the comedy "Neposedy" and an insignificant role in the film story "Wedding bells".

In 1968 Milyutin's creative baggage was replenished with 3 new pictures, among which Mikhail Shveicer's comedy "Golden Calf" worthy of the novel of Ilf and Petrov is worthy of special attention.

In 1969 Milutin appeared briefly in the tragicomedy of Alexander Mitta, "Burn, Burn, My Star", where Oleg Tabakov ("17 Moments of Spring"), Yevgeny Leonov ("Gentlemen of Fortune") and Oleg Efremov ("Battalions Ask for Fire") performed the main roles.

After such a start for Alexander, the role of the actor of episodes was fixed. Every year he appeared at least in the frame of 3-4 films.

Alexander Milyutin: films of the 70's.

The most interesting projects expected the artist in the 70's. For this period came the heyday of Soviet cinema, many iconic paintings were shot at this time.

For example, in 1972 Leonid Bykov with the support of the film studio. Dovzhenko started shooting military drama "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle." This tape, telling about the life of pilots during the Great Patriotic War, still has value for the audience. Sparkling humor, the spirit of courage and courage, the memory of irreplaceable losses permeate the whole storyline of the film. Alexander Milyutin in the frame appeared for only a few minutes in the image of a recruit who arrived at the service in Titarenko's squadron.

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In 1979 on the Soviet screens there is one more unforgettable picture - Detective Stanislav Govorukhin "The meeting place can not be changed." The plot of the film almost for the first time in the USSR touched on the theme of banditry, which raged after the end of the Great Patriotic War. Back in the 50's and 60's, it was forbidden to discuss this problem for ideological reasons, but in the late 1970s Govorukhin had the opportunity to screen the fascinating novel of the Weiner brothers.

The main role in the film was played by Vladimir Vysotsky. His principled and energetic captain, Zheglov, became a legend in the cinema. Milyutin worked in tandem with Vysotsky: in the film he got the role of the Ukrainian-speaking officer of the Moscow Marshal Ivan Pasyuk - a slow, simple-minded, sometimes comical. After the premiere of the film, Alexander turned into a recognizable person. But, unfortunately, even shooting from Stanislav Govorukhin did not give a new round of the artist's career.

Career Finish

In the 80's. Alexander Milyutin continued to act in films, but the films and roles were, rather, "passing".

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In the 90's. For actors, difficult times began, especially for the staff of the film studio. Dovzhenko. Milutin faced unemployment and was forced to work as a chauffeur and loader.

Native artists do not hide that he was seriously worried about the political and social changes in the country. In 1993, Alexander died of a heart attack at the age of 46 years.

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