About twenty years of life together this star pair. The singer explains this longevity with mutual understanding and an example of the Malikov-seniors, who have been living together for more than 45 years in a joint marriage.

Elena Malikova

How it all began

Twenty-two-year-old Dmitry Malikov drew attention to a photo of a girl from the album of her close friends. And, of course, he began to ask for acquaintance with her.

It's hard to say what she was struck by then. Perhaps, all the same beauty, which the young singer, brought up in a creative, intelligent family, subtly felt and understood. It was then that Elena became for Dmitry a model of femininity, style, beauty and nobility. In 1992, when the couple met, it was difficult to foresee that they were waiting for a long and happy joint future. Especially since the beauty had already had her first marriage, her first-grader daughter, and even older, she was older.

Who is Elena Malikova? Her biography is not enchanting

Elena is not a Muscovite. She was born in Kazan. After graduating from art school in his hometown I went to conquer the capital. And this she did. First she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Culture, then - the directing department of VGIK. She won roles in the films "Kill the Scorpion" and "Kara".

However, in parallel with studies and the beginningprofessional activity, the girl got married and gave birth to her daughter Olga. And although the husband-businessman could provide for the family financially, Elena did not feel a spiritual kinship with him. And such a creative nature as it was, it's just necessary.

Meet your man

date of birth of Malinka

Having learned the history of dating people like DmitryMalikov and Elena Malikova, unwittingly penetrate the idea that there are couples who are more than intended to be inseparable. So Elena claimed in one of the interviews that literally during the first meeting she felt that Dima was "her man".

After the girl agreed toacquaintance, without delaying the matter in a long box, Dmitry invites her to the shooting of the program in which he took part. Young people meet, get acquainted and very quickly begin to understand each other with a half-word.

Today Elena Malikova admits that she was immediatelyis struck by how Dmitri is sincere and open in communication. In addition - an intellectual who very delicately feels music, painting, beauty. Then she also appreciated his kindness and absolute ability not to wish or do evil to others.

Civil marriage

Elena Malikov's wife dmitry malikov

When people are well together, they do not eventhink about whether their relations are formally formalized or not. However, it can not be said that there was no friction between Elena and Dmitri. However, while they lived separately, they really were not. But common life imposes certain obligations on people, first of all you need patience and the desire to accept the habits and characteristics of another person living with you close, especially if this person is creative.

"My beautiful Dima sometimes camespleen, "Elena Malikova now recalls in an interview," he became wildly irritable. If something did not work out in the works, first of all all emotions splashed on my head. "

However, young people soon managed to overcomethese difficulties. Today, both Elena and Dmitry are convinced that their selfishness must be sacrificed, and then a joint life will succeed. And by the way, the age of the spouses, and in this case - the date of birth of Elena Malikova, who is older than Dmitry for several years, does not play any role in this.

The daughter of the first marriage

Dmitri Malikov and Elena Malikova
Malikov admits that the education of his daughterfrom the first marriage Elena was engaged herself. He was for Olga, like a friend or an older brother. After all, the age difference was not very big - 15 years. So they quickly became friends. Together they could watch and discuss films, listen to music.

At one time Olga studied in Paris, lived in the centerthe French capital of the friends of the Malikov family. By the way, it was then that Dmitry and Elena officially formalized the marriage, and they had a daughter. Contrary to Elena's fears, Olga reacted well to the appearance of her sister and said that she would rehearse the role of mother.

The issue of adoption in the family never arose, perhaps because the girl always communicated well with her own father, and she was not prevented from doing so.

Becoming an adult, Elena's eldest daughter graduated from MGIMO. I took up photography. Olga Izakson has already presented several solo exhibitions. Lives apart from parents.

The birth of Stefanie's daughter

Elena Malikov's wife dmitry malikov
Elena Malikova, wife of Dmitry Malikov, not alwayswas such. The official marriage was made only after the birth of the daughter of Stephanie, and this happened on February 13, 2000. When the parents came to register the daughter, the registrar said that the girl's birth certificate will contain a dash in the "father" column. If desired, you can then apply for paternity. This did not suit Dmitry Malikov, so the pair immediately registered a marriage.

To say that the baby brought to the family a lotgood, then do not say anything. According to Elena Malikova, Dmitry immediately became different. Responsible, collected, serious. As if to say: you are all behind my back, like behind a stone wall.

This year Stephanie is fourteen years old. We can already say that the creative genes passed to her from the parents. Stefania draws and dances from childhood, plays piano and guitar, sings well and even writes music. He also tries himself in the modeling business. The young lady has many admirers, which sometimes worries the strict father, who, of course, wants her daughter to make the right choice in due course, and she knew the feeling of true love.

Impeccable Elena Malikova

Elena Malikova biography
By giving Elena the title of a beautiful woman, one can not help but admit that she is a bright person.

Just shine among the secular beau monde thisthe woman does not want. Although for this has all the data Elena Malikova. Photos, often published in the media, are evidence of this. After all, she finds time to devote her time to her appearance, her beloved family, and interesting work.

Today Elena has her own business in Italy -is engaged in the production of beachwear, which is a success in Europe. After all, perfect businesswoman has an impeccable taste. Recently, this clothing began to be sold in the Russian capital.

Elena is also passionate about working as aexecutive producer of the musical center of her husband. No important show of Dmitry Malikov is complete without the professional support of his wife. She rejoices at her husband's successes as her own, and tries to be a wand for her. Spouses make a wonderful tandem, both in work and in the family. First of all because they are not only close people, but also true friends. Together they are interested, because they have many common interests, and their relationship is built on mutual understanding, love and trust.

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