Not so long ago (two years ago, but by the standardsseasonal residents serial - this is very little) began to come out a new series called "How to avoid punishment for murder." Actors who coped with their roles for one hundred percent, script writers who are responsible for a beautiful idea and original idea, and most likely the whole crew - it is difficult to say who tried most to achieve this result. But the show very quickly acquired a crowd of admirers and admirers. At the moment, "How to avoid punishment for murder" comes out 2 season, no worse than the first. It seems that it's time to examine in detail those who embodied on the screen incredible characters that make our hearts die when viewing each new episode. The exact date of the release of "How to avoid punishment for murder" next season is still unknown - what else to do while waiting?

Annalize Keating - Viola Davis

how to avoid punishment for murder actors
Viola Davis starred in the series "How to avoid punishment for murder." Actors can not be listed without it - because everything is based on it.

American actress and producer played AnnalizKeating - a brilliant lawyer (and part-time teacher of the relevant course at the university), impudent and unprincipled, always achieving his, and by any means. Sometimes she inspires terror, sometimes makes you trust her, but the admiration for this woman always grows. Annaliz is capable of decisive action, since he has a strong character. It is worth noting that Viola is not the first to embody such characters on the screen - it's her acting role.

Connor Walsh - Jack Walachi

how to escape punishment for killing season 2
Charming in its role (and even that of sinhide, in life as well) Jack Walachi conquers the hearts of all female fans "How to avoid punishment for murder." Actors of this series are not remembered without this handsome. In many respects this is due to his vivid character - Connor, a gay student, alien to any stereotypes about homosexual orientation.

Despite the fact that Connor - only one of the students and assistants Annaliz, he is always singled out among the others, very much memorable was Valakhi.

Wes Gibbins - Alfred Enok

how to escape punishment for killing season 1
Alfred Enok, the actor, remembered by the audience onhis role as Dean Thomas in a series of Harry Potter films, as well as flashed in one of the episodes of Sherlock, plays the role of Wes Gibbins, another student Annaliz. Around Wes for the second season there is some mystery that connects him with Professor Keating and which is always given vague hints. Why Gibbins, who at first did not shine with knowledge, the attorney also took to her assistants, why so cares about him and listens to his opinion? Everything is not as simple as it might seem at first. "How to avoid punishment for the murder" season 1 and was full of secrets from the life of Wes Gibbins. Well, for how credible was his character, it is worthy to thank the talented Alfred Enok.

Mikaella Pratt - Aja Naomi King

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Ajee Naomi King got the role of single-mindedMikaella Pratt with troubles in her personal life. She is an excellent student who tries to reach heights in both studies and at work - after all, her Annaliz chose among her five assistants. Mikaella tries to be like her mentor, at the same time maintaining her own character and dignity. Aja Naomi King perfectly passed the features of a girl who, even in the most unstable situation, tries to take everything under her control.

Laurel Castillo - Carla Sousa

how to avoid punishment for murder actors
"Frank's Girl," as she was called in the first series,Laurel Castillo, is a clear example of the fact that in a quiet pool the devils are found. Frank - the right hand of Professor Keating - immediately notices her, and soon between them a novel is really tied up. Originally shown as an exceptionally correct student, Laurel more and more reveals her hidden qualities. Annaliz appreciates her, although rarely does it show.

The role of Laurel Castillo brought the wide popularity of Carla Sousa.

Asher Millstone - Matt McGrawry

how to escape punishment for killing season 2
Matt McGrawry plays in the series "How to avoidpunishment for the murders "(whose actors all deserve to be mentioned) Asher Millstone - a wealthy student who received the assistant Annaliz's place thanks to his father - the judge." Asher is always placed apart from the others, but in his biography there is a lot of interesting.

Matt McGraw, in addition to "How to avoid punishment for the murder" (season 2 and season 1), is currently being shot in the equally popular TV series "Orange - the hit of the season."

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