"Harley Davidson and Marlboro Cowboy" - colorfulfilm with the participation of no less colorful actors. The original plot of the picture, good direction and skillful play of famous actors deserve exceptionally positive reviews.

Harley Davidson and Cowboy Marlborough actors

"Harley Davidson and Cowboy Marlborough": actors in the exact image of their characters

Harley and Marlborough are two freedom-loving people,who are accustomed to living today and get the maximum pleasure from life. And if most people are full of worries, then our heroes do not worry about anything.

Harley - carefree biker with a kind of feelinghumor. He's riding his motorcycle on American roads. Kinoheroy does not have the skills of shooting from a pistol, but he masterfully masters his body in a fight.

Marlborough is a well-known cowboy,sechas he is without a ranch and a horse. At a certain time, he chose the wrong road, and now from his past life he had a cowboy hat, legendary boots (which are of special value to him) and skill to shoot without a miss. Marlborough loves billiards - that's what he does for a living.

In the film "Harley Davidson and Marlboro Cowboy"the actors played charismatic enough roles. In view of the fact that each of them has a peculiar charm, both masterfully were able to emphasize the character and style of their hero.

Mickey Rourke Harley Davidon

Brief plot of the film

Eternal wanderers Harley and Marlborough learn thattheir old friend's trouble. A certain bank wants to take away a bar from it, improperly increasing the rent. Therefore, they decide to help an old friend and organize an attack on the cash collection machine. But instead of banknotes unexpectedly for themselves they find a batch of narcotic of the last generation.

From this point on, a group of bandit bankers begins to pursue friends. Moreover, the gang kills their friends.

"Now revenge is a matter of honor!" Said heroes Harley Davidson and the Marlboro cowboy. Actors almost the whole movie complement their game with statements that perfectly fit into the plot of the picture.

Harley Davidson and Marlboro Cowboy Don Jones

Interesting facts about the film and its heroes

Mickey Rourke (Harley Davidson) - in the image of histhe hero is as organic as possible. This is not the sugary donjuan, which many remember for the film "Nine and a half weeks." His body is pumped up, which gave him an image of brutality, without which the hero would look quite different. Now Mickey Rourke is a real Harley Davidson. And the Marlboro cowboy (Don Johnson) is an actor who adds a highlight to his picture with his game. On his account, many roles in various films, but not in one image, he did not get as much as could "open" in the Marlboro cowboy.

In the film directed by Simon Winser, received inrolled in August 1991, were invested colossal funds, but for some reason, the box office fees were unjustifiably meager. Despite the original script and virtuosic performance of famous actors, the picture still remained in the shadows, not having received worldwide recognition of the public.

The film attracts with the interesting name "Harley Davidson and Marlboro Cowboy", the actors in the image of their characters are very organic, so watching the picture will surely give you a lot of new emotions.

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