Our heroine is a bright girl, a famous TV and radio presenter, singer and director. And all this is Catherine Gordon. Information about her career and personal life is contained in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!

Catherine Gordon

Ekaterina Gordon: biography (short)

She was born on October 19, 1980 in Moscow. Her maiden name is Prokofiev. Katya studied at the Humanities Gymnasium No. 1507. In the senior classes I was transferred to an economic school opened at the International University.

Behind the shoulders of our heroine training in the Moscow State University. Lenin (Faculty of Social Psychology). She also successfully graduated from the scriptwriters and filmmakers courses. She worked as a leading entertainment program on the following radio stations: "Mayak", "Says Moscow", "Megapolis", "Culture" and others. He is the director of commercials, music videos and documentaries.

Musical career

In 2009, Ekaterina Gordon created her owngroup Blondrock. The staff performed in the style of pop-rock. In October 2010, the debut album "Love and Freedom" was released. The author of all texts and music is Katya. Sound producer Andrei Samsonov helped the band record records.

In April 2012, the second album was on sale. He was called "Tired of being afraid!". And after 3 months Catherine presented a solo record, which includes 8 songs.

Personal life

Our heroine has never been deprived of male attention. Since her youth, the boys have been running after her. Each of them dreamed of linking fate with a slender blonde who has an explosive character.

Catherine Gordon Biography

In 2000, Katya married herteacher Alexander Gordon. They were trembling with each other. And even a big age difference completely did not bother them. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only 6 years. Catherine and Alexander broke up friends. The girl left to himself his sonorous name.

Newly elected blonde beautyknown lawyer Sergei Zhorin. The couple played a wedding in 3 weeks from the date of acquaintance. The celebration took place in the summer of 2011. In September, the couple had a scandal with the fight. Our heroine was taken to the hospital with concussion. The girl did not forgive her husband. There followed a divorce. In September 2012, Katya gave birth to a son, whom she called Daniil.

Gordon and Zhorin

In April 2014, S. Zhorin and E. Gordon again signed in the registry office. And this time family happiness did not last long. In June 2014, their divorce took place.

Interesting Facts

  • Ekaterina Gordon created the first union of bloggers in Russia.
  • The edition TimeOut included it in the TOP-50 of the beautiful people of Moscow.
  • Our heroine does not represent her life without extreme. She jumped 3 times with a parachute, and also traveled through Antarctica.
  • Katya was born after doctors placed her mother in a terrible diagnosis - infertility.
  • Gordon has a diploma of an interpreter from English.
  • At home the girl lives a dog-mongrel, nicknamed Kif.


Now you know that Ekaterina Gordonis not only a professional TV and radio presenter, but also a talented singer, songwriter and various ideas. We wish her creative inspiration and great family happiness!

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