The series "Sleepy Hollow" directed by DouglasArniekoski and Paul A. Edwards first appeared on television on September 16, 2013. In the shooting it was attended by both young and experienced, known to us on other projects, actors. "Sleepy Hollow" is based on the script of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

What is the series about?

"Sleepy Hollow" - a series, actors and roles forwhich was selected by the creators so as to create not just another mystical TV show, the adaptation of Washington Irving's story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," but a full-fledged criminal drama.

actors Sleepy Hollow

The protagonist of the series Ichabod Crane - a soldier who died fighting in the battle for US independence.

Once in the town of Sleepy Hollow, he rebels fromdead. At the same time, a horseman awakens from death, whom Ikabod cut off his head during his lifetime. The horseman is hungry for human blood. In the town they begin to find dead people. Crane, together with the police, investigates the murders, trying to stop the rider.

The roles in the series were performed by: Tom Mason, Orlando Jones, Nicole Bahari, Katia Winter, John Noble, Lindy Greenwood and other actors.

"Sleepy Hollow" on Fox was received by spectators and critics warmly. The show has already withstood four seasons. The shooting is still going on.

Tom Mason as Ichabod Crane

Tom Mason was not widely known to the public beforethe series "Sleepy Hollow", like some other actors who played in the show. "Sleepy Hollow" was for the young man a breakthrough in his career and a notable milestone in filmography.

The actor was born on 23.07.1982 in the suburbs of London Woking in England. After graduating from school, Tom entered the Weber-Douglas Academy. This is the Academy of Dramatic Art. Mason proved himself during his studies well, devoting a lot of time to writing scripts. With writing scripts for theatrical productions and short films, and began his professional career.

The first film in which Tom acted asactor, "The Mysterious Island" directed by Russell Malkahi, was released in 2005. Since then, Mason regularly appeared on the screen, mostly in episodic roles. He took part in such TV projects as "The Stunning Mrs. Pritchard", "The Secret Diary of the Called Girl", "The Reviving Book of Jane Austen", "New Tricks" and others.

actors Sleepy Hollow TV series

Nicole Behari as Lieutenant of Police Abby Mills

Nicole Behari was born on 03.01.1985 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The actress studied in one of the largest universities in the United States, teaching culture and art, at the Juilliard School, located at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Having graduated from such a prestigious institution, Nicole withoutspecial work began a career in film. Already in 2008, the movie "American Violet" was released, which brought the actress two nominations for the Black Reel Award. The actress became famous after participating in the films "Shame" directed by Steve McQueen in 2011 and "42" directed by Brian Helgeland in 2013.

Orlando Jones as Frank Irving

American actor screenwriter and director OrlandoJones was born on April 10, 1968 in the city of Mobile in Alabama. His first role Orlando performed in 1992 in the television series "Head of Herman." Then there were many other roles in the movie.

Before participating in the "Sleepy Hollow" Orlando Jones wasa great creative way, like many other actors. "Sleepy Hollow" - a series that became another successful project in the filmography of the actor. To appreciate the skill of reincarnation Jones can be in such films as "Evolution", released in 2001, directed by Ivan Reitman, "Dazzled by Desires" (2000) directed by Harold Ramis, "The Story of a Vampire" (2009) directed by Paul Weitz and many others .

drowsy series actor and role

Other roles in the series performed

  • Katya Winter - Katrina, wife of Crane;
  • John Noble - Henry Parrish;
  • Lindy Greenwood - Jenny Mills;
  • John Cho is Detective Andy Brooks;
  • Jill Marie Jones - Cynthia Irving;
  • Nicholas Gonzalez is Detective Luke Morales.
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