There is a common opinion that on childrentalented parents nature rests. But, like in any rules, there are exceptions to this. This applies to the talented actress, the daughter of famous parents - Catherine Lvovna Durova. Currently, she is a leading actress in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. We suggest to get acquainted more closely with creativity, family of the original actress.

Ekaterina Durova


The Durov family has the roots of hereditary noblemen, andalso consists of a close relationship with the great circus dynasty of the Durovs. Ekaterina Lvovna Durova was born on July 25, 1959 in the family of famous actors - Durov Lev Konstantinovich and Kirichenko Irina Nikolaevna, in the city of Moscow. In reminiscences about her childhood, Ekaterina Durova says that her parents were often busy shooting. And Katya's grandparents were not there, so she went to kindergarten for five days. For the summer, the children were taken out of town. But sometimes my parents took a little Katya on tour, and then the man was not happier.

Boarding school

School years Ekaterina Durova happenedin a boarding school that had the status of an "educational institution with an English bias". Some of the habits that formed in Katya in the orphanage are present in life even now. For example - very quickly there, otherwise you could stay without food. To fight Catherine Durova also learned at the orphanage, which lasted almost until the birth of the child. I adhered to the rule - you do not have the right to be weak. Katya graduated from high school in 1976.

Ekaterina Durova

Study and work

After graduation, Ekaterina Durova triedto enter the School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theater. But she could not do it. In the interview, she talks about her performance as follows: a fat, big and clumsy girl reads the monologue of Alesha Karamazov with an angelic voice. Ekaterina Durova on a photo of that time really looks chubby. After the failure in the Moscow Art Theater, Catherine entered the GITIS, which she graduated in 1980. And from 1980 to 1984 he works as an actress in the Taganka Theater. Since 1984 until now, Ekaterina Durova has been working at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater.

The first debut on the screen took place in 1977, inthe film "School Waltz", where Catherine, while still a student, played a nurse. In 1979 she starred in the film "Faryatyev's Fantasies". In addition, Ekaterina Durova starred in the episodic role in the famous film "The Green Van", Boris Grachevsky often invited her to shoot in Yeralash. In total, Catherine played more than 40 roles in the cinema. She has a lot of work in the theater. She has the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Ekaterina Durova: photo, personal life

She married twice, both her husbandfrom the acting environment. The first husband - Sergei Nasibov - a classmate of Catherine, they together made their debut in the film "School Waltz" (they played a loving couple). Their wedding took place when they were 19 years old, because of Catherine's pregnancy. The couple had a daughter, Katya, and soon the marriage broke up. After the divorce, they almost do not communicate. Katya's daughter did not become an actress, she graduated from the Faculty of Religious Studies. Catherine Durova became truly happy when she met her second husband, Vladimir Ershov. They are married for more than 30 years. In this family union in 1986, Ivan's son was born.

Ekaterina Durova photo

For Catherine a positive example of a familylife were her parents who lived in marriage for more than 50 years. Unfortunately they are no longer there, Mom Irina Nikolaevna passed away in 2011, Father Lev Konstantinovich in 2015. Catherine always thought of herself as her father's daughter, laughing, saying that she was connected with her father by one umbilical cord. At present, Ekaterina Durova considers herself to be a happy woman, she has a loving and caring husband, wonderful children and a favorite work. In Catherine's two grandsons - Timothy and George. In the Tula region in a cottage village near the Durov family, a country house where the family likes to rest from the bustling capital.

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