Cinema is one of the most popular art forms. It is watched by almost everyone. Because of this curiosity are interesting facts about the cinema. In this world millions of people are involved. For some, movies are just a way to spend time, others have made them their profession. This kind of art has its own story. Although it is not so long, there are interesting facts in it. A lot of interesting legends have been preserved about Russian cinema and foreign ones.

The first film

His film history leads from the first halftwentieth century. And the palm of primacy in the discovery of his world belongs to the French. Officially the first motion picture is "Arrival of the train to the station of La Ciotat". A lot of spectators gathered to get acquainted with the achievement of the Lumiere brothers. However, they did not come out of the hall with satisfied smiles on their faces, but with grimaces wry horror. Not familiar with the wonders of cinematography, the townspeople really thought that a train was going by them.

However, if you read interesting facts about the movie, thenit becomes clear that the "Arrival of the train" is not the first or even the second work of the Lumiere brothers. This successful experience was 653th in their account. And for the first time they filmed the way the workers leave the factory.

interesting facts about cinema

If you go into history, you can find out thatit was not the first motion picture. Even before that, Louis de Prince filmed a "movie" in his garden, which lasted only a couple of seconds. But this work was not presented to the audience, because in the history of cinema its name is not known to many.

Years later, the heir, Louis de Prince, volunteeredprove that it is his ancestor who must be called the ancestor of the cinema. However, he lost the first case. To continue the struggle for the right of primacy, the man was no longer able to - he was shot at the exit from the courtroom. Unfortunately, interesting facts from the history of cinema are not always painted only in light colors. During the years of development of the industry, there have been many tragic events.

The first Russian film

Despite the fact that the history of Russia 19-20 centuriesalmost entirely consists of events that are difficult for the people, such as wars and the revolution being prepared in the state, they also did not forget about art. The empire did not lag behind in the development of a new genre - cinema. The first picture was published in 1908.

If you read interesting facts about Russian cinema,then you can be surprised by the theme chosen for the very first film. It was a story about Stenka Razin, a famous rebel, whose name was for a long time forbidden. Especially it seems interesting against the backdrop of unfolding revolutionary actions. The film was called "Ponizova Volnitsa". It lasted only seven minutes, which for our time seems insignificant, but for those years it was a great achievement. The plot was based on the song "Because of the island on the arrow".

The most expensive film in the world

In order to create a truly spectacular andan exciting movie, you need to spend a lot of money. Despite the fact that almost every year there are such fascinating pictures, the most expensive among them is the "Titanic" directed by James Cameron. On shooting the history of the catastrophe of the last century, more than 200 million dollars. The construction of the Titanic itself at the beginning of the last century took less money than the creation of a film about him.

interesting facts about Russian cinema

Part of the amount was spent on the work of stuntmen. All that the viewer sees on the screen was actually delivered and played with minimal use of computer graphics. The most difficult scene for the stuntmen was the one in which the ship is broken into two parts and the passengers fly into the water. To create this moment, a tanker with 77 million tons of water was used. A ship depicting the Titanic was placed in it.

The main male character of the picture of Jack on the plotearns a living by drawing people. All of his sketches, which were shown on the screen, were made by Cameron himself. He also created the famous drawing, which depicts Rose. But only the work had to be shown in a mirror image, because the director is left-handed.

Scenery for films

The spectator of the 21st century is accustomed to seeing the mostdifferent landscapes. It does not surprise either the interior of the rich and poor houses, nor the views of distant cities, nor the landscapes of the invented planets and countries. However, at the beginning of the development of such a famous direction of art, such riches of the back plans were not yet there. If you read interesting facts about the cinema, you can find out that in those years it was closely associated with the theater.

Scenery on the stage did not require such a detailedstudy. The spectators, who were in the back rows, could not consider everything in the smallest detail. The situation changed dramatically when the actors began to shoot on camera. Now the painted scenery seemed artificial and provoked rejection from the audience.

interesting facts from the history of cinema

For the first time an unknown person started talking about this problemthen a young artist B. Mukhin. Interesting facts about the cinema of Russia tell us about the difficulties that the geniuses had to go through. Mukhin was no exception. He suggested using voluminous details and real doors and windows in the fabrication of the rear plans. For a long time, his ideas were rejected. They were criticized and even scolded. However, Mukhin made sure that his idea was used at least for one single shooting. When the record was watched, it became obvious that the process of creating films would not be the same. Traditions of theatrical scenery are a thing of the past.

Kevin, left alone at home

Perhaps the most favorite Christmas andNew Year's film for children from different countries is still the comedy "Alone at home." There are interesting facts about the movie, which has long been sorted out into quotes and does not get tired of revising every winter vacation.

Many people wanted to find a film that looks, andThen he uses Kevin to protect his house. However, the gangster drama was shot specifically for the comedy, apart from it, it does not exist. Several phrases became so popular that in the continuation of the film "Alone at Home" appeared the development of the plot about brave guys of the 30s.

interesting facts about cinema

Kevin's family was brought up by children of different ages. The oldest of them have already got their beloved. Kevin will find out about this when he finds a picture of the girl in the elder brother's room. And that seems disgusting to him. But the director did not dare to take the image of the really existing girl, so as not to create at the unfortunate complex. Then from the crew was selected a young man who was put on makeup and put on a wig. It was he who became the "fatal woman" in the life of his elder brother Kevin.

The first in its genre

There are interesting facts about Russian cinema,which stood at the roots of the creation of new genres. So, for example, the first horror films appeared in the first half of the last century. In 1909, Viy was released by director Goncharov. Today's viewer can not appreciate this picture, since it was lost. But soon after the release of the first film in the genre, there were others. Already in 1910 the world presented the tape "At midnight in the cemetery."

In 1979, the first Soviet thriller appeared"Pirates of the twentieth century." Interesting facts about the cinema sometimes surprise. As, for example, the fact that after the release of this picture, many Soviet boys and girls took a great interest in karate. It was in this tape that they first saw this kind of martial art. And looked "Pirates" many. For a long time the film remained the record holder in terms of the number of spectators in the cinema.

interesting facts about movies and films

A year later, the first Sovietthe film-catastrophe "Crew", which amazed and fell in love with many spectators. Its peculiarity is that it is two-part. The first part of the story is a domestic melodrama. The second is a catastrophe.

The most expensive Russian film

Not only in Western countries are willing to spend moneyfor the sake of making a good film. And in the history of domestic cinema there are paintings that cost a round sum. So, the most expensive is the four-part screen version of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace". Interesting facts about the cinema contain information that the shooting cost $ 100 million. Even by the standards of our time, the amount is huge. The screen adaptation was successful in the domestic box office. It was visited by many citizens of the USSR, which allowed to get back almost half the cost of the film. In addition, the painting "War and Peace" was highly appreciated in Europe and the United States.

Interesting facts about Russian cinema often tell about the cost of filming. So, for example, it remains a mystery how much it cost to shoot a picture of "Brother". A variety of amounts are called.

Faithful viewers

Interesting facts from the history of cinema are not relatedonly with actors and directors, but also with the audience. So, there are stories about how Elvis Presley filmed for himself the whole cinema for the night, to get acquainted with the novelties of the cinema. In those years, there was not yet a salon of video rental and equipment in order to watch movies at home. Because we had to either go to the cinema, or be satisfied with the stories of friends and acquaintances.

interesting facts about Soviet cinema

Now there are cinemas in almost everycity. Therefore, the next topic for research was who more often goes to the cinemas. And with this are also related some interesting facts about movies and films. It turned out that in Europe the most loyal moviegoers were the Irish. The average Irishman visits the cinema about 4-5 times a year. But other Europeans rarely look into the halls more than once.

A little more about the actors and heroes

Everyone knows that anyone can offend an actor. But some stories about vulnerability can amaze even real cynics. So, sadly turned for Greta Garbo participation in the movie "Two-faced woman." This work was not appreciated by critics or spectators. The press appeared various articles and rumors, which usually accompany every failure of any actor. But for Garbo it was a real failure. She left the movie and moved to New York. Since then, and until her death, she did not communicate with the press or with fans, and went out on the street only in sunglasses.

Not only does the younger generation attractinteresting facts about children's movies. This question was also liked by historians who decided to find out what the most adored children are most often screened. So, the most popular was Cinderella. Slightly inferior to her musketeers, Romeo and Juliet and Don Quixote.

interesting facts about the cinema of Russia
How many there is a magical world created onblue screens, so many people will draw interesting facts about Soviet cinema, foreign, modern and sunk into oblivion. Cinematography stores many funny and tragic stories. And many of them, along with the invented worlds, deserve to be presented to the viewer.

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