Cinema today occupies a significant place in liferights. Movies of different genres - action movies, melodramas, fantasy, historical epics - are fighting for the attention of viewers. Sometimes the success of the film is guaranteed by the director, who is engaged in the implementation of the script, sometimes - the star cast of actors, and sometimes even the colossal budget of the tape. However, there are actors who only attract their attention to the public by their appearance on the set. Only to look at your favorite star, people go to the premiere of the next film with his participation.

biography of Andreev Andreyev

Such actors of theater and cinema are Andreev, whose short biography will be useful to both fans and ordinary people who are still little familiar with his work.

Andrew Andrey Lvovich was born in Saratov 15April 1965. Soviet, and then Russian actor studied in the Saratov State Conservatory. L. V. Sobinova. Andrey Andreev's biography will tell you that at the beginning of her career the star worked in drama theaters of Belgorod and Noginsk, and since 1991 - at the Moscow Gogol Theater. The first role in the cinema was played by him in the distant 1989. Fans who are interested in the biography of Andrei Andreev, probably want to know about what it was a picture. The actor's debut took place in a little-known movie, but he was recognized on the streets after the show "Five Minutes to the Metro" and "A Woman Without a Past". The filmography of this, no doubt a talented person, has about four dozen works.

Andreev short biography

No less interesting is the biography of Andrei Andreev andthose who closely monitor the personal life of the actor. Andrei first married a classmate, immediately after the army, but he lived with his wife only for a short three years. In 2006 Andreev married for the second time and is still happy with his wife Inna in marriage. The second half of the actor is younger than her husband for a whole twenty years, but the age difference does not prevent them from equally looking at the world. The couple brings up the charming daughter Mashenka, who was born in 2008.

The actor likes to remember the history of datinghis wife. It turns out that at one time, at the suggestion of a friend, Andreev opened an advertising agency. And Inna came to work there, which immediately liked our star. After a while, the couple already lived together, and they officially registered their marriage when they found out that they would become parents. Not so long ago Andrey Andreev's biography was replenished with one more fact: the actor learned that he has a illegitimate twelve-year-old son Nikolai, about whom he did not know anything before. Acquaintance with him was very pleased with the favorite of millions of Russian women.

Andreev Andrey Andreevich

A popular movie and theater actor today hasmany namesake. One of the most famous, for example, Andreev Andrey Andreevich. An influential politician and statesman of the times of the Soviet Union, took part in the October Revolution of 1917 and in the government of the country until 1950. He left his post because of deteriorating health: the hearing was very low, and the apparatus of that time practically did not help. The politician was buried at the Moscow Novodevichy Cemetery in 1971.

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