Biography of Polina Gagarina is interesting for herfans of certain facts. The future singer was born in the spring of 1987 in Moscow. The first few years she spent in the capital. In 1991, little Polina, together with her mother, a professional dancer who signed a contract with a producer in Greece, moved to Athens, where she lived for three years. There, the girl studied intensely the Greek language and grammar. In 1993, Polina's father died of a heart attack, and she and her mother returned to their homeland, to Moscow. But they did not stay long in Russia - in September 1993 the future singer went to the first class of the Athenian general education school.

biography of Polina Gagarin

The very beginning

Biography of Polina Gagarina in the musical planwas as follows. After the termination of the first year of training she came for a vacation in Saratov. Grandma Polina insisted that the girl continued her studies in Russia. Biography of Polina Gagarina as a singer began with a visit to the Saratov music school, where her grandmother recorded. At the entrance examination the young girl performed the song Whitney Houston, which struck the selection committee.

Polina's mother returned to Moscow after the contract was over, and Polina was also taken. There the girl entered the music school.

Biography of Polina Gagarina: "Star Factory" and the first success

Polina Gagarin's biography

In 2003 Polina got on the famous TV project«Factory of stars-2». And it's not for nothing that she decided to participate, as she became a winner in it. Maxim Fadeev, one of the successful Russian producers and composers, offered Pauline a collaboration, from which she, however, refused and left for free bread. It should be noted that, like many other performers of the Russian stage, Polina did not prevent the lack of the necessary education from becoming a star. Only in June 2010 received a red diploma for higher education in the Moscow Art Theater School-already popular singer Pauline Gagarin.

Biography of the singer makes a new twist. "New Wave" and gaining popularity

In 2005, the novice singer decidedto test their capabilities once again, thus declaring themselves, and took part in the contest "New Wave". And again not in vain. She took third place, and the author's song "Lullaby", which she performed on the last day of the contest, became a popular hit.

Polina Gagarina biography personal life

In the same year 2005, the world saw the debut video onalready beloved by the many song "Lullaby", and in 2007 - the first album. 2008 was very productive in the career of the singer. At the same time, she sang a duet with Irina Dubtsova. In 2010, their joint work "Who? Why? "Brought them the victory in the nomination" Best duet of the year "in the rating of" Muz-TV ".

Polina Gagarina: Biography

The personal life of the singer is not a secret forthe public. But she does not like to advertise too much about her. It is known that Pauline has a son born in 2007, whom she rarely sees. But the singer hopes that in spite of frequent separation and the impossibility of full communication, like her and her mother, the relationship will be good, he will be proud of his mother. Marriage with the actor Peter Kislov after 2 years of marriage broke up. Now his companion Polina Gagarin carefully conceals.

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