Not so long ago in the program "Let's get married"there was a new presenter. She became an actress Lydia Arefieva, known to the audience for participation in the sitcom "Interns". But where did Vasilisa Volodina from "Let's get married"? Let's understand this together.

Where has the Basilisk Vassilissa gone from let's get married

short biography

Volodin Vasilisa was born on April 16, 1974 in Moscow. At school she studied well. Teachers have always noted the success of the girl. And my parents tried to give her all the best.

Interest in esotericism appeared in our heroine inadolescence. At the age of 14, Vasilisa was seriously interested in fortune-telling on maps and palmistry. At first, parents did not understand their daughter. But in the end, they approved her choice. The girl could watch the starry sky through the telescope for hours.

Vasilissa Volodina why she left us, let's get married


People who want to know where Vasilisa was missing fromprogram "Let's get married, probably interested in her biography. In particular, the years of study. After graduating from high school, our heroine entered the university at the Faculty of Economics. After 5 years, she received a diploma of higher education. By profession she is an economist-mathematician.

A few years later Vasilisa decided to get a second higher education. This time she submits documents to the Moscow Academy of Astrology. She did not experience any problems with her admission.


In 1992, Vasilisa Volodina started workingthe astrologer. On consultation, ordinary citizens and representatives of the business sphere came to her. In 1996 she was invited to the program "Starry Night" as a host. With the task set, the girl coped 100%.

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina from let's get married gone

"Let's get married"

Despite the fact that Vasilisa worked on television, she was familiar to a narrow circle of people. But our heroine is quite satisfied. Vasilisa Volodina why did she leave "Let's get married"? The answer to this question you will receive a little later. In the meantime, we'll talk about how she got there.

In 2008, one of the producers of "First Channel"decided to create a program in the studio where dating would occur to men and women. According to his idea, the main actors of the project were to be: the host, matchmaker and astrologer. Candidatures Guzeeva and Syabitova approved almost immediately. But to find a competent astrologer in Moscow turned out to be more difficult. Vasilisa was recommended to the producers of the program by business representatives, who at one time consulted her for advice. And they were right: we have a real expert.

Vasilisa Volodina: why did you leave "Let's get married"?

In October 2014, a project linking singleheart, marked his fifth anniversary. The jubilee edition of the program turned out to be both cheerful and sad. The fact is that the astrologer Vasilisa Volodina from "Let's get married" left. She announced her decision in the studio. The audience was upset with such a message. And Larisa Guzeeva and Rosa Syabitova, it seems, knew about the plans of the astrologer. In the same issue, Lydia Arefieva was represented. Now she will act as an expert.

Where Vasilisa Volodina from "Come onmarry? "This question is asked by those who did not watch the jubilee issue: we inform: the 40-year-old astrologer went on maternity leave, at that moment she was pregnant with the second baby.

Where the Vasilisa was missing from the program, let's get married

Personal life

With her future husband Sergei Vasilisamet when she was just 20 years old. Then in the first place the girl had science. She did not think about family life. But suddenly a flushed love changed all her plans.

Vasilisa and Sergei did not hurry to the registrar. They considered a stamp in their passport a mere formality. In 2001, the couple had a charming daughter. She was called Victoria. Our heroine devoted all her time to the baby. But in 2008 Vasilisa took part in the shooting "Let's get married". She shifted part of her household duties to a civil husband. I must say that the man perfectly coped with this task and never once reproached his wife.

In 2010, the family moved to a new apartment,where the daughter has a separate room. Initially, Sergei worked in logistics, but soon he became the director of his wife. Their joint astrological business is still successful. In January 2015, another replenishment took place in the Volodin family. They had a son, Vyacheslav.

When will she return to work?

About where Vasilisa Volodina from "Come onwe are told, but many fans of the program are interested in when she reappears on the air, and we hasten to please them. Vasilisa went to work on April 1. Shooting of new issues with her participation is in full swing.


Now you know where Vasilisa Volodina went from "Let's get married" and when she appears in the program. We wish her creative success and prosperity in the family!

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