There are among the Soviet military paintings that, toUnfortunately, they are almost unknown to modern viewers. For example, the film "Descended from Heaven" (1986). Actors who performed the main roles, the whole country knows. There are also artists who played secondary characters. A touching plot, an unexpected denouement, quality music. Nevertheless, the film "Descended from Heaven" does not enter the collection of the best domestic films about the war. There are very few reviews about it.

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How the movie was created

In the fifties Alexei Kapler wrote a novel"Two out of twenty million." Perhaps this soulful work was once familiar to many readers. Today, about its existence is known to individuals. After a quarter of a century after the publication of Capler's book, director Natalia Troshchenko decided to make a film.

The plot of "descended from heaven" is slightly different fromliterary source. Script writer V. Kunin only reduced the number of characters and the number of years allocated to the main characters. The author's idea remained untouched. Why is the story of Capler forgotten? What is the reason for the unpopularity of the film "Descended from Heaven" (1986)?

Actors arrived on the set in threeday after the explosion in Pripyat. In those dramatic days life continued. In Kiev, there was preparation for the parade. In Crimea, a picture was taken of a war called "Descended from Heaven" (1986).

Actor Alexander Abdulov played the main role,that already spoke about the audience success. But no excitement happened. The premiere was quiet, there were no queues at the cinemas. It's not about the Chernobyl tragedy. The creators of the picture were a little late. They removed it in the midst of "perestroika", and in the years of ideological change the military theme lost its popularity.

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In the Adzhimushkay catacombs

There are not many characters in the film. And even those that are available, serve as a kind of background for the uneasy but happy life of the main characters. They met during the war. In 1942, Sergei and Masha found themselves in the Adzhimushkay catacombs, surrounded by Germans. People here were dying of thirst and wounds. Nobody dared to leave the catacombs - the Germans shot at everyone who was approaching the well.

The rescue

They came out together, weakened, exhausted, butfull of determination. Approached the well, took up water and slowly went back to the catacombs. German soldiers for a long time aimed at them, as if considering, shooting or not shooting. But a miracle happened. None shot. Sergei and Masha remained alive.

Most of the picture is dedicated to the post-war time. But the life of the heroes is an illusion, a dream, a fiction. The actors of the film "Descended from Heaven" (1986) played two of the 20 million dead in the Second World War.

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The actors of the movie "Descended from Heaven" (1986)

The main roles were performed by A. Abdulov and V. Glagolev. Y. Belyaev is an actor, whose spectators are accustomed to seeing in the image of a military man, and here he played a frontline soldier. N. Ivanov played a negative role. The film was also played by E. Popov, O. Melenevsky, V. Kostetsky, S. Ivanov.

Alexander Abdulov

The actor performed in the movie about 80 roles. His career began in the early seventies. In 1978, Abdulov played Bear in "Ordinary Miracle". This role brought him wide popularity. The best pictures with his participation include such things as "Love Formula", "Ten Little Indians", "Mystery of Madame Wong", "Carnival", "Wizards", "Look for a Woman", "Suki's Children".

In 2009, Alexander Abdulov played Oblonsky in the adaptation of the novel "Anna Karenina." But this film came out after his death. The actor passed away in 2008 after a long illness.

Vera Glagoleva

Performer of the main role in the drama "Descended fromHe is known not only as an actress, but also as a wonderful director.She played in 49 films and created six paintings.One of her films is devoted to the Second World War.Vera Glagoleva played in the pictures "To marry the captain," "Broken light," "Sophia Petrovna, Waiting Room, Poor Sasha, etc. The actress died in August 2017.

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