Ekaterina Malafeeva - the present wife of the goalkeeperfootball team "Zenith". Do you want to know where she was born and studied? What did you do before you met Vyacheslav Malafeev? We are ready to share the information we have.

Ekaterina malafeeva

Ekaterina Malafeeva: biography

Our heroine was born on April 7, 1988 in the town of Borovichi, located in the Novgorod region. Father and mother of Catherine - representatives of the middle class.

Katya grew up as an inquisitive and sociable girl. Both in the yard and at school she had many friends. She visited various circles. The girl was engaged in needlework, dances and track and field athletics. In the senior classes Ekaterina Malafeeva was carried away by music.

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When our heroine graduated from high school, all herthe family moved to St. Petersburg. In the northern capital Katya entered the University of Culture and Arts. But her education in the university did not last long. Malafeeva just stopped coming to class. Maybe she just did not have enough time. After all, a tall and slender girl got a job in the support group of the Soul sisters. Together with the other members of the dance team she had to go to the matches of the basketball club "Spartak", as well as hockey SKA.

Soon Katya had another hobby. It's about music. In 2006, together with her best friend, she began to master the art of DJ. Girls have created their project DJ Dolls.

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Acquaintance with Vyacheslav Malafeev

A tall brunette with long legs and cuteThe face has never had problems associated with lack of attention on the part of men. At different times, wealthy businessmen and eminent sportsmen took care of her. But none of them Katya reciprocated. After all, she did not try to connect her life with a "money bag".

Ekaterina Komyakova (our mother's maiden nameheroine) and Vyacheslav Malafeev met at a party in May 2011. A mutual friend invited them to the celebration. At that time, 1.5 months passed since the death of Marina's first wife. Then Vyacheslav did not think about his personal life. But Katya liked him at first sight. Their romance began later. They happened to meet at a restaurant, where Catherine celebrated her diploma. Vyacheslav congratulated her all the evening with the successful graduation from the university. Then he asked the girl a phone number.

Ekaterina Malafeeva biography

A family

Relations between Katya and Glory developed swiftly. Just a couple of months from the date of acquaintance, he decided to present his new daughter to children - 10-year-old daughter Ksenia and 7-year-old son Maxim. Catherine was very worried before meeting with the kids. But everything went fine. Ksenia and Maxim received her warmly. Soon our heroine moved to the house to Slava and the children. She quickly managed to bring comfort and surround the kids with maternal care.

In December 2012, the girl said goodbye to hermaiden name. Now she is Ekaterina Malafeeva. Photos from their wedding glory flew all over the Internet. The groom was in an elegant suit, and the bride - in a snow-white dress, emphasizing her slender figure.

May 10, 2013 in the family of the Malafeevs there was a replenishment. Katya gave her husband a charming little son, whom they called Alex.


Now you know where Ekaterina Malafeeva was born, studied and lived. Details of her acquaintance with the famous football player, we also told.

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