Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography in our daysthousands of people are interested, she is a real woman sensation: at 43 she became a participant of the Russian show "Golos", she took only second place, but literally for a year turned into a star of show business unlike the true winner of the contest. Why did the fame come to the singer so late? What did the talented singer do all these 43 years and what are her plans for the future?

early years

Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography is so interestingthe singer's fans, was born in Uzbekistan in 1970. All of Nargiz's relatives are connected with musical art: grandfather was an opera singer, grandmother performed folk songs, mother and father were also musicians.

nargiz zakirova biography
Singer Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography is fullunexpected turns, since childhood, probably only knew one thing - that she wants to be a singer. At the age of 4 Zakirova performed for the first time on the stage and since then has not parted with her. After school she graduated from the department of pop vocal in the Tashkent Circus School.

Since childhood, Nargis has been distinguished by her freedom-lovingtemper and desire for self-expression. For the orthodox Uzbek culture, the girl's colored hair (then she was not yet shaved) and outright outfits were just shock therapy. The singer admitted more than once that she had had a hard time at home and was often insulted for her appearance. And when there was an opportunity to leave, Nargiz did it.

Immigration in the USA

In 25 years Nargiz Zakirova, biography, private lifewhich formed not the best way, immigrated to the United States along with her parents. At that time, the girl had a little daughter from the first unsuccessful marriage, and she was pregnant from her second husband.

nargiz zakirova biography personal life
In the US, Uzbek immigrants did not go smoothly. Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography did not bode well for those years, remained in an unfamiliar country with two children in her arms (her second husband soon crashed in a car). The singer, because of poor language skills, could not find a decent job: first she worked in a store, then in a pizzeria, but the longest time in a video salon. Nargiz did not do music at that time.

However, everything changed dramatically when the younga woman in a restaurant in New York met a singer of Italian origin - Phil. A new friend arranged her to work as a vocalist at the same institution where he acted himself, and after a while made a proposal of the hand and heart. Cases gradually began to improve.

Cardinal image change

Nargiz admitted in an interview thatshe did tattoos in Uzbekistan only because she did not want to aggravate her relations with her compatriots. When the young woman was in New York, she felt the desired freedom, so went to the salon and immediately filled her first tattoo - a sign of freedom. Then Nargis simply could not stop.

singer nargiz zakirova biography
To date, the singer has forty percent of the body covered with tattoos. After participating in the fateful show "The Voice" Zakirova stuffed on her hand a fresh tattoo in memory of this event.

As for the extravagant hairstyle,For a long time Zakirova limited herself to dyeing her hair in different colors. One day she wanted to just shave off some of the hair on her head, she went and did it. And the rest of the tail has stopped in dreadlocks. Mother of the singer, of course, was in shock, but has long learned to accept her daughter as she is.

Nargiz Zakirova: biography, photo. The Golos Competition

At a certain point, Nargiz Zakirova realized thatit is necessary to move in a professional sense forward and decided to go to the first season of the project "Voice". But at that moment her father fell seriously ill, and participation in the contest had to be postponed.

nargiz zakirova biography photo
Unfortunately, Pulat Mordukhaev (father of Nargiz)died in 2013 of cancer. To somehow distract from their experiences, Zakirova went to the American show "X-factor." She went through several qualifying rounds, but never received a call from the producers. Then the girl collected her things and came to Moscow to "Voice-2".

To Nargiz on the first listening turned all4 members of the jury. Zakirova chose her mentors Leonid Agutin and came with him to the finals. However, Sergey Volchkov knocked out of the shocking woman a victory. While Volchkova is just waiting to record her debut album, Zakirova signed a contract with Maxim Fadeev and has already released two music videos for her own songs. So who really was the winner, time will tell.

Cooperation with Maxim Fadeev

Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography turned into a stellar story only by the age of 40, currently works closely with Maxim Fadeyev.

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Attempts to tie the singer's acquaintance with himI made it back in 2005. But then nothing happened. When Nargiz took second place in the show "The Voice", Fadeev himself found it and offered his song for performance absolutely free of charge. Soon Fadeev and Zakirova signed a contract, and she officially became his artist.

According to Nargiz, Fadeev organized it simplya fabulous life: adjusted her way of life in Moscow, provided a car and loyally organizes tours. The singer is also delighted with the songs the producer writes her. At the moment, two clips for the hits "You are my tenderness" and "I'm not your war" are filmed.

Also Nargiz voiced a cartoon character - a gypsy from the cartoon "Three heroes. Walking Horse ", and also took part in one of the series of the show" The Battle of Psychics ".

Future plans

Singer Nargiz Zakirova, whose biography finallydevelops in a positive scenario, today has a tight tour schedule. Literally for every day she has a concert planned, and for a few months ahead.

In addition, fans and journalists torturedperformer questions about the music album. In 2014, Zakirova calmed down her fans, admitting that the work on her debut album was in full swing. But since the singer wants to give him a special sound, then the recording of the material will take a lot of time.

Nargiz Zakirova: biography, family

Officially Nargiz was married three times. The singer admits that she also had a lot of hobbies, which is normal for a creative person.

Nargiz Zakirova, biography, whose personal lifeat the initial stages resembled hell, has three children from different marriages. The first elected singer was an Uzbek rock musician, from whom the daughter Sabina appeared. However, dreams of a happy family life disintegrated even when Nargiz was pregnant: on the first tour her husband went into all serious. Zakirova parted with the faithful and to this day does not communicate with him.

About the same story happened with the secondhusband. Nargiz Zakirova, a biography whose children attracted public interest, gave birth to a second son from her second beloved. But she filed for divorce shortly before her husband died tragically.

nargiz zakirova biography children
The third marriage of the singer lasts almost 15 years. She claims she is absolutely happy and finally learned what true love is. The third husband Zakirova also gave birth to a child - a girl Leila.

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