In the early seventies producer Vytautas Zhalakiavičius decided to make a film based on Bogomolov's novel " In August 44...". Actors Sergei Shakurov and Borislav Brondukov had to fulfill the main roles. but producer died suddenly in the beginning the camera process. The film was never withdrawn. A quarter of a century later, a Zhalakevičius to film a work dedicated to Soviet scouts, Mikhail successfully repeated Ptashuka. The article describes the plot of the film "In August 44th ...". Actors here are also presented.

in August 44 actors

In its the novel Vladimir Bogomolov reflected events, a witness and participant of which was. Already in June 1941, the future writer was listed among the volunteers. is he passed all the war, served in intelligence. The novel by which the film was shot "In August 44th ...", was published in 1973.


Belarus, 1944 year. The Red Army was able to free the country from Nazi invaders, but enemy diversionists still operate in the rear. The commander of the SMERSH group gets the task to find and eliminate them. However, it is not easy to accomplish the task. In the country, all yet scurrying opponents of Soviet power and The incompleteness of the Nazi units, which in every way complicate the life of the Red Army soldiers.

Members of the SMERSH group intercept the message of saboteurs. AT him says a new strategic operation in the Baltics. Having received information, the Nazis can prepare for defense, that will lead to unnecessary victims. Stalin gives an order to comb the area and destroy all those who are involved in sabotage.

The main characters understand that killing severalspyware will not allow to reveal the entire network, which they managed to get out. Captain Alyokhin and members of the group are recognized as cowards, because they have not coped with the task. So, contrary to the orders of the authorities, they continue to search for saboteurs and, finding out the place of their next meeting, they ambush.

the movie in August 44

Actors: "In August, the 44th ..."

Performers for the main roles producer picked up very carefully. In film "In August 44..." actors played the following:

  • Yevgeny Mironov (captain Alyokhin, commander of SMERSH).
  • Vladislav Galkin (First Lieutenant Tamantsev, operative SMERSH).
  • Alexey Petrenko (Lieutenant-General Yegorov).
  • Alexander Baluev (senior group of saboteurs).
  • Ramaz Chkhikvadze (Joseph Stalin).
  • Nikolay Kirichenko (Lavrenti Beria).

Evgeny Mironov

"In August 44th ...", according to historians, is the most reliable adaptation of Soviet intelligence. In the picture, which could be created in 1975, Alyokhin had to play Shakurov. But he did not succeed in embodying on the screen the image of the main character of the book "In August 44...". Actor E. Mironov, as already mentioned, played the role of commander of SMERSH. And he did it perfectly.

Mironov is a diverse actor. For his vivid career, he played people of different professions and social strata. More than once he appeared before the audience and in the form of a military man. However, Captain Alyokhin in this category is, perhaps, Yevgeny Mironov's brightest film personality.

eugene miroon in August 44

Actor approached to shooting very responsible. It is known that he appealed to Bogomolov for consultation. After reading the script, Mironov had questions that he put on a fairly extensive list. This list included more than 70 items.

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