The series "Special Forces", actors and roles, played by the stars of Russian cinema, caused a great stir. It was released in the spring of 2002. They are shot in the genre of the militant and tells about the fight against terrorism.

About the show

Special forces in each series fall into dangerousof the situation. New tasks require them to take responsibility and courage. The series is shot qualitatively, filled with special effects. Many episodes are based on real events. The soundtrack to the film was the song "Come on for ...", sung by the band "Lube". The main roles in the series are performed by:

  • Alexander Baluyev.
  • Vladislav Glakin.
  • Alexey Kravchenko.
  • Alexander Nosik.
  • Andrey Zibrov.
  • Igor Lifanov.
  • Alenxander Dediushko.

Famous actors starred in the series, experiencing along with their main characters. BThe special purpose reconnaissance brigade is filled with specialists of the highest rank, as well as soldiers of the urgent service. In the course of the story, regular and combat weapons are used.

special forces actors and roles

The first season of the series includes three series, the second, released in 2003-four. The film was directed by Andrei Malyukov and Vyacheslav Nikiforov.

Alexander Baluyev

The series "Spetsnaz" (actors and roles are unforgettable)I remember many spectators. Alexander Baluev for his career starred in 95 films. In the series he received the role of Klimentia Ivanovich Platov. Calls were his "Clim". In the episodes of the film, he showed prudence and will power. Was very charming and liked women. Commanded a group of special forces.

Vladislav Galkin

Igor Lifanov crunch

His role as a charming joker won heartsyoung spectators. Vladislav Galkin played the senior lieutenant Urmanov. His call-sign was "Yakut". Minesweeper-demoman, he coped with many complex tasks. He always carried explosives with him.

The series "Spetsnaz", actors and roles in whichreflect the whole complexity of the unit, can visually show young soldiers the importance of physical training and the ability to use weapons of any type.

Alexey Kravchenko

Actor of the theater and cinema. Honored Artist of Russia - Alexei Kravchenko. "Spetsnaz" gave him the role of Vyazemsky with the call sign "Doc". Captain, he is also the best friend and companion of "Clima." He was fond of collecting weapons. Career he helped choose a passion for the story, which he instilled in his father.

Igor Lifanov

Ensign Victor Khrustalev is very cruel in hiswork. It was played by Igor Lifanov. "Crunch" - such a call sign got a hero. He does not like martial arts and often jokes about this. In his speech he often uses quotes taken from Soviet films.

Andrey Zibrov

Ensign Shakhmametyev Alexey is differentendurance and coolness. His role went to Andrei Zibrov. He shoots well, he equips his ammunition himself. Not very talkative and closed in yourself.

alexey kravchenko special forces

Alexander Nosik

The actor received the role of senior ensign Kobrin. Callsign - "Snake". Unconditional, but very understanding. Young actor series brought not only popularity, but also many interesting roles.

Every spectator will remember the series "Spetsnaz", actorsand the roles in it are distributed very correctly. Each hero was able to convey to the viewer how difficult the service and the performance of tasks. The film shows Russian arms and equipment.

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