The series "Hotel Eleon", the actors in which they playedcomedic roles of employees of guest business, became a continuation of the well-known multi-series picture "Kitchen". The director of the series Anton Fedotov breathed into the project not just the life of ordinary people, but also made it really exciting and interesting.

This time, the actions take place in thefive-star hotel, where the audience can see the main characters of the TV series "Kitchen". They have to go through difficult, but life challenges on their way. Love, passion, lack of talk and jealousy - that's what literally bubbles on the screens and captures the audience. Of course, the actors from the Hotel Eleon (2016) could not have coped with everything alone, but they always come to the aid of faithful friends and comrades.

ailer actors

The hotel's employees never have to sit withoutbusiness, and in this they help guests. Among them are very bright personalities and stars, and each has its own zamorochki, which, undoubtedly, causes problems for employees. "Hotel Eleon" is not just a series about the life of the characters in the foreground. Directors turn the plot in such a way that the whole life of the secondary heroes becomes visible, as in the palm of your hand. This is not enough in other series, so the actors of "Eleon" fully reveal the plot, not forgetting even about the characters of the second plan.

Heroes of the series

The main characters of the series are not justimaginary images. Every spectator will be able to recognize himself in a certain hero, his actions and thoughts. This is not just a women's series, men will also feel compassion for actors like Senya, who now heads the kitchen. In Paul, that owns the hotel, in this extravagant youth, everyone will be able to recognize themselves. After all, it was from his appearance that he began to get poor, which he tries to eliminate by someone else's hands, inviting first-class manager Sofia Tolstoy. This lady immediately decided to establish its rules in the hotel, and employees have to adjust to the new leadership. The new actors of the film "Hotel Eleon" quickly joined the team and did not have any difficulties in communicating with colleagues. On the contrary, despite the fact that the shooting took place quite dynamically, the atmosphere around was bright and pleasant for everyone.

Many viewers expected to see in the seriesDmitry Nagiyev and Dmitri Nazarov, that everyone has become so fond of everything since the time of "Kitchen". Unfortunately, there is no room for them in the Hotel. But the series has collected other wonderful actors, which attract the eye and amaze with a lively game on the screen.

Ekaterina Vilkova (Sofia Tolstaya)

It was Sofia who lured Pavel to his hotel inas a manager. He is a calm person who keeps everything in his hands. Her life and work are under control. But even such a reserved person does not lack love. After coming to the Hotel Eleon, Sofia could not resist the charm of local men. Trying to severely separate work and feelings, she seems a cold and strict woman. But behind this restraint is a glimpse of passion and sympathy.

Actress Ekaterina Vilkova was born in 1984 in theBitter. Mother and father held simple posts: an electrician and a warden. From a small age, Katya's parents instilled in her a love of sport and gave her to the badminton section. After the coach made a remark about the fact that the girl does not fit, she was transferred to the gymnastics section. Sports actress dedicated her youth and, having received the title of master of sports, switched to creative activity. According to Catherine herself, she is from that half of humanity that she longs for results immediately and on the spot. And spend a lot of time and energy on such a distant triumph - not for her.

hotel eleon actors

After graduating from the studio in the theater schoolshe entered the Moscow Art Theater. Then the actress sharply felt the difference between the two educational institutions. In her native city she was cherished as a tender flower and gently directed, and at the Moscow Art Theater she was directly told that the goals can be achieved by going over the rivals' heads. Her acting began from the stage of the Moscow Art Theater and swiftly went up. After Wilkova starred in the film "Hotel Eleon" (2016), whose actors worked in a rather tight schedule, the actress began to appear more often in other pictures. Her popularity was reflected in the career of her husband, the famous actor Ilya Lyubimov.

Grigory Siyatvinda (Mikhail Djekovich Gebrselassie)

The main character is the hotel manager. Mikhail achieved everything himself, starting his career from the very bottom and reaching the position of manager. Employees of the hotel are afraid of him, but he does not notice it, because all his attention is directed to Eleonor. True, she did not reciprocate. Already the desperate hero realizes that he is in love with Sophia. So, full of determination, he begins to seek the lady of his heart.

The actor "Eleon" Grig Siyatvinda is very similar toHis character is determined and able to achieve his goal. Gregory was born on April 26, 1970 in Tyumen. His father, a native of Zambia, did not participate in the boy's life for the first couple of years, as he arranged his way of life in his homeland. His mother did not live long with her husband, soon a divorce followed, and Gregory moved to Tyumen.

actors of the film hotel eleon

The future of the actor was decided at a time when hewatched the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers." The boy was so inspired by the game of Mikhail Boyarsky, that even then, as a child, he decided to become an actor. And he did it. Grigory's mother immediately took the boy to the theatrical group, where he studied for 4 years, after which he entered the university. The debut for the actor was the movie "Do not fool around". After him, the actor was invited to appear in different projects.

Milosh Bikovich (Pavel Arkadevich)

Pavel is the owner of the hotel. This is a spoiled guy who is used to spending aunt money. But the relative was tired of paying for her nephew's leisure time and she entrusted him with Eleon. But with one condition: either the hotel will become truly great and profitable, or Pasha will provide for himself. Paul has to fight with himself, so as not to remain a beggar.

The actor "Eleon" Milos Bikovich was born on January 131988 in Belgrade. All his childhood, he was engaged in various sports, and from 13 years he attended the section of acting in the gymnasium. After his graduation, he entered the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of the National Theater. The popularity of the actor "Eleon" got after the role of the football player in the series "Montevideo".

Olga Kuzmina (Anastasia Stepanovna)

Nastya is familiar to spectators since "Kitchens", but "Eleon"transformed it. Now it's not a waitress with big eyes, which is easy to scare. The hotel made a confident woman from Nastia, who is ready to repulse everyone who gets in her way. But on her way rose her husband. He is dissatisfied with the fact that Nastia was promoted, and he remained an ordinary ordinary worker of the hotel.

Olga Kuzmina was born in the hot summer of 1987 in theMoscow. Since childhood she has been passionate about dancing. And in 11 years I went to the school-studio of folk dance ensemble. A year later, she joined the "School Odes" troupe.

hotel eleon 2016 actors

Actor career began from a young age. Olga was shot in several episodes of "Yeralash". She also played in the 2006 series "Happy Together" and became famous after the melodrama "Sleeping Area". The girl admits that the actors from "Hotel Eleon" have become her real family, and therefore she is pleased to spend time on the set.

Diana Pozharsky (maid Dasha)

Dasha is a very strong girl. She is a real karate and, if the situation requires, she can easily stand up for herself. But not everything is so smooth in the life of a usual maid. Dasha fell in love with Paul, and she is disappointed that he, responding to her in return, does not notice her when she is in the role of a servant. But Dasha's pride does not allow one to treat oneself like that. That's why she repulsed Paul.

Diana Pozharsky was born on February 3, 1992 in theThe Volga. Till 19 years she was professionally engaged in ballroom dances and got a degree in candidates of the master of sports. In 2016, the actress graduated from the Institute named after SA Gerasimov. Popularity was in 2015, starring in the series "Concerned, or Love is Evil." Diana very responsibly approached the role of the maid in the series "Hotel Eleon." The actress visited the fighting section and surreptitiously spied on the real employees of the hotel to understand how they behave when they are not seen by the guests.

Elena Ksenofontova (Eleonora Andreevna)

This heroine appeared in the last seasonsTV series "Kitchen". She is the owner of the Hotel Eleon, a powerful woman who is accustomed to getting her own. It was she who decided to make her nephew grow up, having entrusted his child - the hotel. But this does not mean that it is not the main thing.

hotel eleon film 2016 actors

Elena was born on December 17, 1972 in Khromtau,Kazakhstan. Later, the actress's family moved to Serpukhov. Mom from childhood instilled in her daughter's love of education and developed it in different directions. At first, Elena planned to enter the Historical Archives University, but in high school she suddenly became interested in acting. After that, she began to actively perform on the school stage. After graduation she did not immediately enter the institute for acting. The cause was poor health and frequent illnesses.

The series "Hotel Eleon" is a dynamically developing project that can interest spectators of different ages. The project attracts viewers with their vitality and plausible situations.

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