The series "Vrachiha", broadcast on the channel"Russia 1", instantly attracted the attention of viewers intriguing storyline and good acting staff. Directed by Catherine Dzhelubskaya managed to remove this melodrama. Actors of the film "Doctors" tried to portray the whole gamut of feelings, tormenting their characters. Irreplaceable losses and fatal meetings, a heavy marriage and unexpectedly found love - all this is going through the main character.


The center of the story, which animates the series"Doctors", - a young girl named Ekaterina Zakharova. She shows real musical talent and is about to become a world famous pianist. The girl lives with her mother Nina Fedorovna, happy women are preparing to buy new homes. However, the realtor-swindler deceives trusting clients, but he completely disappears. Katia and her mother are forced to urgently collect things - the new owner of the house rushes and intimidates them. But they have nowhere to go. And there is no money for existence either. After such a blow of fate, Nina Fedorovna's heart does not stand. Catherine throws her dreams about music and becomes a doctor, so that she can look after her sick mother.

physician actors

Passing practice in the hospital, the girl meetsthe chief doctor of Roman. In love with Katya before losing his pulse, he is ready for it for everything. Roman pays for Catherine and her mother a new apartment, constantly cares for them, which causes the heroine, who captivated him, to give immeasurable gratitude, but not love. A man offers her a marriage and swears to protect, all the more, the girl's mother, unable to cope with the consequences of a stroke, dies. Zakharova, feeling obligated to Roman, agrees. But is happiness without love? Marriage turns into torment for both - Katya can not bring herself to fall in love, avoiding her husband and contact with him, plunging into work, which brings him to near insanity. There is a serious quarrel - and Katya leaves. To escape from the past, she gets a job as a doctor in a remote village. Here the girl meets Sergei and falls in love. But the whole trouble is that the father of her beloved person is the most insidious realtor, because of which the life of the Zakharovs went downhill.

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Polina Strelnikova in the role of Catherine Zakharova

In the TV series "Doctors" the actors played already well-known. They became famous for the serial films. For example, Polina Strelnikova managed to star in "The Challenge", "Blind Happiness", "Odnolyub" and other paintings. Ekaterina Zakharova in her performance turned out sweet, gentle, but at the same time internally strong. The role, full of emotions, Strelnikova was a success.

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Love triangle

As a rule, in the center of melodrama is very difficultlove story. This principle is observed in the TV series "Doctors". Actors Andrei Frolov and Oleg Almazov appeared in the image of lovers in the main character of the men. Almazov brilliantly played tormented by the undivided love of Roman. You believe him, forgetting that this is just a screen role. Oleg Frolov played the role of charming Sergei. He fell in love with the audience even after the most popular series "Two Fates".

Secondary Characters

In the series "Doctors", actors who performed rolesbackground heroes, were no less convincing. Said Bagov played the criminal authority of Viktor Rokhlin, who was behind the housing fraud. Elena Koreneva and Irina Narbekova embodied the images of mothers who are immensely worried about their children. Koreneva played Nina Feodorovna, and Narbekova - Roman's mother, experiencing a wounded by the lack of reciprocity of her son. Tatyana Kalganova became Elizaveta Andreevna, the head of the village administration, who envies Catherine and tries to beat her away from Sergei.

The series "Doctors", the actors and creators of whichenthrall the viewer in a complete twist of the story, captures from the first series, and all the episodes fly by in an instant. This film is perfect for a variety of boring evening.

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