In 1983, screenwriter Oliver Stone, directorBrian de Palma and the actors of the film "Scarface" jointly create a cult film of the eighties, which is still popular. In the film we are talking about two Cuban emigrants who arrived in America.

actor face with a scar

In 1980, the port of Maryland Harbor was opened, anda lot of Cubans rushed to the United States in search of an American dream. Among them, Fidel Castro expelled from the country a huge number of criminal elements. Thus, two friends (belonging to the criminal world) were in Miami.

America of the eighties

The Americans did not need so many killers,thieves, bandits and politically disagreeable people, so they are first placed in barracks or a special camp, without giving any status. To get the "Green Card", two friends agree to kill counselor Castro, like they found themselves in the camp.

The protagonist was Al Pacino. The actor "Face with a scar" considers the most successful film in his personal career. At that time he turned forty-three years old, but he easily plays a twenty-five-year-old guy. His friend Manolo Ribera is played by Stephen Bauer. It is also known that John Travolta was auditioned for this role.

After receiving US citizenship, comrades beginlegally to work, as a rule, in eateries and restaurants. But this work did not suit Tony Montana and, having decided to get rich, he joins the criminal world with a friend, especially since it was not out of the ordinary to kill them.

face with a scar film 1983 actors

As a result, the ambitious Tony achieves his,acquires wealth and his beloved woman, but in the end he loses everything. The film has a place where Tony, killing the boss who substituted him, realizes that now the whole world is in his pocket. But the well-known truth comes to mind: "What's the point, if you get the whole world, and you destroy your soul?".

"Scarface": film, actors and roles

The figure of Tony is contradictory, but, undoubtedly,is attractive. He calmly kills traitors and enemies, but never for the murder of a woman and children. It was this act that caused his death and his rise. In fact, the author shows the nobility of his soul, which is gradually lost due to drugs and money, acquired by unjust ways.

Tony Montana comes to the point of offendingElvira (who leaves him without taking anything with her), in a rage, kills his best friend Manolo, kills his sister, and, drugged by drugs, becomes a victim of the mafia.

face with a scar film actors and roles

Before the viewer, director De Palma presented a tragic personality, and this is Tony Montana. The tragedy is that he rushes through life, not noticing that he is degrading, and eventually loses everything.

Work on the film

Picture was presented in the category for the bestmale role and the best male role of the second plan in the "Golden Globe", and in 1984 - in the nomination for the best director's work. None of the awards received the acclaimed painting "Scarface".

The film (1983), the actors and their roles were perceived insociety is ambiguous. Many believed that such a movie could be detrimental to the immature souls of adolescents. With this you can argue. Although Tony and Manolo, Elvira and the rest of the actors are presented as charismatic personalities, no one will want to end their lives like them. Prototype of the main character was Al Capone, who really had a scar on his face. Director Bryan de Palma claimed that Al Pacino is the best Hollywood actor. "Face with a scar," "Godfather" - is the joint work of two creative personalities.

It is known that, working on the script, OliverStone vainly struggled with drug addiction, and when asked if sniffing in the film Al Pacino drugs, the actor answered evasively. Michelle Pfeiffer, young and eye-popping, also shows the vulgarity and emptiness of the world in which Elvira lives. Her heroine, who does not want to work, charms gangsters with her external data, that's why she passes from hand to hand as a toy.

actors of the film face with a scar

But in the last frames of the film, the actress is more thanconvincing, without any "spectacular scenes." She alone shows the inner struggle of a woman. As a result, she suddenly changes her destiny. As a result, only Elvira was lucky - she remained intact and unharmed.

"The face with a scar," a film (1983): actors

In 1932 the first film "The Face withscar, "but the remake of 1983 turned out better and more interesting. Almost all the filming of the film took place in Los Angeles, forging it under Miami. The movie turned out bright, dynamic, very realistic. There is a lot of blood in the film, but it does not cause horror and disgust, rather the spectator feels the presence of the truth of life embodied by the actors and the main actor. "Face with a scar" Al Pacino knowingly considered his best work, although throughout his life was filmed in many films.

al Pacino as Toni Montana

Everyone remembers his blind Colonel in the film "The Smellwomen ", Michael Corleone in" The Godfather "and the role of the devil in the film" The Devil's Advocate ". But Tony Montana is somewhat reminiscent of Lermontov's Pechorin. Like Gregory, Tony is looking for an ideal and does not find it, not realizing that you need to change yourself first of all.

In the film, Al Pacino realized himself completely as an actor. "Scarface" reflects the drama of emigrants in the United States.

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