Many people are becoming popular thanks totheir spouses. Ruslan Sharipov, whose biography is a mystery to the public, became a solo artist thanks to Nargiz Zakirova, who now shocked the audience with a lack of hair and a strong voice. It is known about this singer a little. He does not give interviews and does not post his biography on the web.

The Byte Group

Ruslan Sharipov biography
Remember in the eighties in Sweden was an ensemble"Europe", playing enough quality rock? In many CIS countries musicians took an example from this collective and created their own. In Uzbekistan, Ruslan Sharipov, whose biography became interesting after numerous interviews with Nargiz Zakirova, was the vocalist of the Tashkent group "Byte". As a prototype for the style of music, he used the Swedish "Europe".

He achieved high popularity in Uzbekistan. At that time, the singer wore long hair and matched the appearance of the music he performed. The crowd gathered crowds of fans, but Ruslan's associates were very conservative. For example, they opposed the appearance of women in their ranks.

Solo career

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When the choice arose between performances with your belovedwife or career as a vocalist of the collective, Sharipov Ruslan chose solo performances. He actively toured and was not forgotten by fans, on the contrary, the audience of his listeners was only replenished. While the group "Byte" actually ceased to exist.

The voice of the singer allowed him to build enoughsuccessful career and become famous in Uzbekistan and in neighboring countries. He was loved for the unusual delivery of songs and special energy, which reigned at his concerts.

The unusual sounding of the songs was partiallyis due to the fact that they used techniques from rock music. Ruslan Sharipov (biography) at that time acted not only as a singer, but also independently composed compositions. Some musicians claim that he was engaged in writing songs completely. Including arranged them.

Personal life

Ruslan sharipov biography singer
There is one more sphere in which has become famousSharipov Ruslan, - personal life. About it you can tell only from the words of Nargiz Zakirova. The singer himself does not comment on her interview and does not tell if he has a wife. Being still a vocalist of Baita, Ruslan met a young performer Nargiz, who accidentally got into conversation behind the scenes during the preparation of one of the concert concerts.

Between the young people a spark broke out right away, just the same day they applied to the registrar. Within a month and a half they were officially sworn in by their husbands and wives.

Ruslan Sharipov (biography) is a singer who couldmake a choice not in favor of a stable career. He decided to follow his love. When the group refused to admit Nargiz into its ranks, he stayed with his beloved woman to be able to give concerts with her and spend as much time as possible.

Together with Nargiz they began to speak for theircompatriots and in the CIS countries. The singer remembers that at that time (she was only 18 years old) she considered their love eternal. She often compared her relationship with the ones that John Lennon and Yoko Ono had.


Sharipov Ruslan list of all songs
However, as in many pairs, in relationsyoung people have problems with the onset of pregnancy. For the most part, the way of life of the performers was to blame. In the second half of pregnancy Nargiz could not accompany her husband on tour. Loving attention Sharipov Ruslan really missed his wife and tried every day to call her. He wrote letters, and the relationship seemed to the young singer ideal. After returning from the tour Ruslan could not hide that during the tour he repeatedly changed Nargiz. Later, the performers called the incident a mistake of youth.

A little later Sabina appeared on the light. Despite the fact that Ruslan tried to build relations again, Nargis did not forgive him. As soon as the singer was able to return to her usual life, she went on tour with her solo project. They practically ceased to see each other and soon divorced.

In her interviews, Nargiz noted that after herEmigration with her daughter to America Ruslan called her only 4 times. Now the singer has already become a grandfather. His daughter Sabina gave birth to Noah's grandson, but she did not begin to communicate with her father.

What does the singer do now?

Since the early nineties, few know whoRuslan Sharipov (biography). More than two decades passed, but gradually his songs began to be recalled and even put into rotation on Uzbek TV channels. Numerous interviews with Nargiz and the mention of the singer in them increased the interest in the singer's creativity on the Web.

For today he is one of the most famouscomposers and often performs on stage. His songs have found a response in the hearts of fans. All people who have ever heard the songs created by Ruslan are celebrated by his very strong and beautiful voice. He is often invited to appear in clubs, and not so long ago he again recorded a duet with one of the most famous singers of Uzbekistan - Yulduz Usmonova.

Where you can find Ruslan's songs

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If you like the singer is interesting Sharipov Ruslan,a list of all the songs it can be found on popular sites for the distribution of music. The most interesting are the audience from Uzbekistan. After all, most of the songs are recorded in the singer's native language.

For those who speak only Russian, searchsongs of Ruslan is associated with certain difficulties. Not so long ago in Bashkiria appeared his namesake young singer Sharipov, who also prefers to sing only in his native language. On many sites often confuse the works of two Ruslans. Therefore, try to first look at the clips or look only for the famous songs of this artist.

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