"The man in me" is a Russian TV series,consisting of 63 series. The first series was published in 2011. The main directors of the film were Alexei Kiryushchenko, Dmitry Petrun and Sergey Korotaev, who cooperate with the company "Amedia". Thanks to the stellar composition, the show was very popular and helped some channels to improve their ratings. Since the film was produced domestically, it was broadcast both on Ukrainian and Russian television channels.

Despite the fact that it was not for long at the airthe series "The Man in Me", the actors became more recognizable and in demand. The film can be attributed to the genre of melodrama and comedy, because in the lives of the protagonists there are always funny cases that are intertwined with love experiences.

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The plot of the series

The series tells about a married couple -Alexander and Lev Polyansky - who are employees of the same company. First, the girl works in the sales department, and eventually becomes the head of the strategic planning department. Alexandra's husband Lev works as the head of the personnel department. Alexandra finds out that her husband is having an affair with their collaborator Margarita, the head of the sales department. Next series "Man in me" narrates about this love triangle.

The Alexandra family does not support the girl,and fate prepares her for new and complex trials. Girlfriends also do not know about all the incidents and problems of the girl, so they can not help her and give the right advice. It is at the moment of despair in the life of the main character that her second "I" appears, which is a man named Alexander. Thanks to the fact that in the series "Man in Me" the actors are chosen fairly harmoniously and correctly, the audience sometimes thinks that the plot of the film is taken from life. The internal voice of Alexandra has a completely opposite character, since he is very bold, forward-looking and determined. However, over time, the girl takes her "I" and learns to live in harmony with him.

Actors and main roles

For every film and series great valuehas a basic and complementary cast of actors. All creators want to use the most popular and recognizable artists in their films, the directors who created the TV series "The Man in Me" were guided by the same principle. Actors and roles They were selected with special care and responsibility. Each of the artists had already had great success and relevance. Among the performers of roles, special attention should be paid to:

  • Anna Zdor, who played the main character Alexandra Polyanskaya - the wife of Lev Polyansky and beloved Sergei Belyaev.
  • Oscar Kuchera, who became Alexander - the second "I" of the main character.
  • Alexei Noskov, who played Lev Poliansky - Alexandra's husband and lover Margarita Veshnyakova.
  • Alexei Barabash, who played Sergei Belyaev. Over time, he became Alexandra's lover.
  • Anna Nevskaya, who played the role of Margarita Veshnyakova, the mistress of her husband Alexandra Leo.

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Musical accompaniment

Harmonious and high-quality music is of great importance - it emphasizes important accents and conveys the emotions of the characters. In the series "Man in Me" actors play under the accompaniment of such performers as Dina Migdal, Eugene Arsentiev, Roman Styx and Igor Smirnov. Each of the compositions correctly complements the plot and adds intrigue.

series man in me actors and roles

Interesting Facts

For the main enamored series - Anna Zdor andAlexei Barabash - the series became prophetic, since after filming the couple got married and got a daughter Varvara. However, after a while they parted, because Alexei had a new lover. It can also be noted that in the series that were played "Man in Me" actors were often shot together in other films.

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