A person in a state of intoxicationcan reveal hidden thoughts to the interlocutor. To him, sometimes come to mind brilliant, as it seems to him, ideas. On this account in Russian folk art there are many proverbs. One of them: "What's sober on the mind - the drunk on the tongue." The ancient Romans on this account had a more refined and concise statement: "Truth in wine." Actor and director Otar Ioseliani in 1999 on this topic took a film.

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The creators of the film

This film is a joint project of French,Spanish, Italian cinematographers. Its director comes from Georgia - a sunny country in which winemaking was revered from time immemorial. But before telling about Otar Ioseliani - director, screenwriter, actor of "Truth in wine" - it is worth outlining the plot.

Content of the film

The owner of a huge rich house - the protagonistthe film "The Truth in Wine". The actor mentioned above played a man who spends his days in idleness. From idleness, he builds a toy railway in his apartments, annoys a young housekeeper. At the same time, she enjoys elite wine, which is periodically obtained by cunning: the spouse has forbidden to drink alcohol.

The son of the owner of a luxurious mansion is ashamed of hiswealth and aristocratic origin. A young man strives for independence, and therefore earns extra money, performing unpretentious work, for example, washing dishes and windows. The son of the protagonist, perhaps because of a lack of communication, makes an acquaintance with the local lumpen. A kind young man treats his new friend from time to time with wine, which is stored for decades in the family cellar.

The wife of the main character of her position is quitearranges. She does not suffer from boredom or wealth. The woman goes on "important" business meetings, she arranges a buffet table, invited parties, in a word, enjoys life in an aristocratic manner.

Still, a certain role is played by wine in the life of each of the film's characters. It heals or destroys, pacifies and excites, helps to find a common language, but often harms.

In a rather specific manner, a film"Truth in wine." The actors did not translate on the screen clear movie images. The filmmaker does not give certain characteristics to the characters, does not clutter the plot with unnecessary details, but gives viewers the right to form an opinion on what is happening on the screen. This is the classic style of the director of the film "The Truth in Wine".

the truth in the guilt of actors and roles

Actors and roles

Otar Ioseliani played the owner of the house, in the basementwhich stores a myriad of bottles with a noble drink. Nico Tarielashvili played the role of son. Lily Avalina played the wife of the owner of the wine cellar. About the actors who performed the main roles in "Truth in Wine", more details are given below. The film also featured Philippe Bass, Amiran Amiranashvili, Narda Blanche, Amiran Amiranashvili, and Mathieu Amalric, a two-time winner of the Cesar award.

Otar Ioselianiyu

In the early sixties Ioseliani put histhe first film - "April". After a while he made a documentary film "Cast Iron", depicting in it only one day in the life of workers of a metallurgical plant. Already in these works, critics have identified a peculiar style, characteristic of Ioseliania. Then came the film "Listopad", awarded at the Cannes Festival of the main prize, as well as the awards of Georges Sadul for his directorial debut. In 1976, the premiere of the film "Pastoral" was held, highly praised by critics.

truth in wine

Since the beginning of the eighties, the director of the painting"Truth in wine" worked in France, where he shot several feature films. Other films Otar Ioselianiyu: "Favorites of the Moon", "And the Light", "The Robbers. Chapter VII »,« Hunting for butterflies »,« Winter song ». "Truth in wine" is one of the few works of this director, in which he acted as an actor.

Nico Tarielashvili played in only three films "A Walk to Karabakh", "Robbers. Chapter VII "and the film, which was discussed in this article.

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