After the premiere of the first episode of the series "The Island of Unnecessary People", the actors and roles in it still for some time remained on hearing. Producers themselves admitted that they did not expect such an excitement from the audience.

About the show

In 2012, the screens went serial "Islandunnecessary people. " Actors and roles in it were placed in conditions of survival on an uninhabited island. In difficult circumstances, 13 most unbearable people in the world turned out to be very unwelcome, and they very much annoyed their relatives, colleagues or friends. The closest people decide to get rid of them in such an unusual way.

At the beginning of the picture an enterprising businessman conceivedleave his wife on an uninhabited island. He expects to do it during the gift cruise, but everything will go not according to Andrey's plan. By chance or karma, he turns out to be the thirteenth in the same company on a deserted island.

How to prepare the series "Islandunnecessary people "? Actors and roles were adjusted specialists, people were selected not only according to their types and roles, but also readiness to work in the open air in the rain and wind.

Elvira Bolgova

From the first episodes of the series "The Island of unnecessary people"actors and roles in it remained under close scrutiny of television critics. Among them, the character of Elvira Bolgova was no exception. On the project, she played her role at 37 years old (judging by the premiere). With a huge experience of acting in the frame, she was one of the first to collect laudatory reviews in her address.

the island of unnecessary people actors and roles
In the cinema and on the television screen Elvira debuts more20-year-old student of the theater school and two years later receives an invitation to the first major role in his career. Since that moment, her name is on shooting more often and more often. In the list of virtues of the girl, the directors celebrated for the most part an excellent acting school. Among her partners in the shooting pavilion were the most eminent of colleagues, the same can be said about her teachers and fellow students in the school. The professionalism of the performer of many roles comes from studying at the Shchepkin Theater School. Later, for 21 years of acting, she played dozens of diverse roles in the movies with the fickle reviews of critics. The native of Moscow Elvira Bolgova was born in 1975. Now the actress has already turned 41 years old.

Dmitry Ulyanov

When they were selected for the TV series "The Island of Unnecessarypeople "actors on the role, photos of their faces already flaunted on the bands of many glossy publications. The same applies to Dmitry Ulyanov: at the time of filming, he had considerable experience in the frame.

series of the island of unnecessary people actors and roles
For 18 years of his career in film and television, he has never been left without work and for several years has been one of the most recognizable actors in the country.

The decision to devote his life to the art of Melpomenealmost immediately after school. Even in adolescence, a young man tries to enter an acting school. But they do not accept him, and the dream had to be postponed. At the moment, Dmitry has accumulated more than 40 major roles in the track record. Now the actor is 44 years old.

Alexander Pankratov-Black

68-year-old Alexander Pankratov-Cherny remainsActing legend in the domestic cinema. The actor was born in 1949 in the Cossack family. Contrary to the views of the mother about the military career for his son, the young man dreams of circus art. In adolescence, Sasha wants to be a clown in the arena, but gets an acting education.

TV series of unnecessary people actors and roles photo

For 39 years he has been playing important roles in films and for thattime has appeared in dozens of films with varying success with the public. To this day, one of his participation in the shooting process speaks well of any picture.

In the "Island of unnecessary people" actors and roles were prepared by the directors for an extremely dramatic story. Perhaps, Alexander was better than all with his vast experience in cinema.

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