Young Russian pop singer PolinaGagarin became famous thanks to the TV show "Star Factory". At the time of participation, she was only 16 years old. The height and weight of Polina Gagarina were 164 cm and 57-58 kg. Such indicators are considered average.

Polina Gagarina height weight

Polina Gagarina: biography, height, weight

The first years of her life, Polina conducted not in Russia, but inGreece, where her mother, a dancer, worked in the ballet "Alsos". In 1993 the father of the family died, the mother and daughter came to Russia, and in the same year they left back. In Greece, the girl went to the 1st grade of one of the schools of Athens, for the summer holidays she came to her grandmother in Saratov and after long deliberation and persuasion remained to live with her in Russia. It was her grandmother who recorded her granddaughter in a music school.

Polina's mother moved to Moscow after the contract was over and took her daughter with her.

Polina Gagarina biography growth weight

In 2003, the girl managed to get intoTV show "Star Factory-2". Having performed several solo songs, she instantly gained popularity and love of the audience, eventually became the winner of the project.

In 2005 Polina took part in the contest of songs "New Wave", took 3rd place. Then in the TV show of Ukraine "People's Star" took 2nd place. She was also a participant in the television show "Phantom of the Opera".

2007 was for the singer debut in all senses: her first album was released, she got married and had a baby. The marriage broke up two years later.

Polina Gagarina biography growth weight
In 2008, a duet with Irina Dubtsova, the girl wrote a song "To whom? What for?". The song was a great success.

In 2010, the second album was released, which tells about the singer's personal life.

During pregnancy, greatly recovered, but after childbirth she managed to lose weight

After the end of the television project "Factorystars-2 "the young singer took up personal life and study. At this time, she disappeared from the screens and almost never appeared in a star party. Periodically on the Internet, photos popped up, on which it was noticeable that the height and weight of Polina Gagarina are far from the generally accepted ideals - she gained a lot of extra pounds.

height and weight of Polina Gagarina

Returning to the big stage, the singer madea real triumph, she lost weight and completely changed her image. As Pauline Gagarin herself shares with the fans, height, weight, parameters are not the main thing in life, but she is happy with her physique. External changes were given to Polina very difficult. Practically for half a year she managed to lose 40 kg of excess weight. This reincarnation strongly intrigued women and nutritionists. And many want to know how to achieve such an amazing result.

The height and weight of Polina Gagarina was never perfect. But at the same time, she was neither too thin nor too full.

Polina Gagarina. Height / weight - excellent ratio

During pregnancy, hunger was constantly tormentedthe girl. "I always wanted something fat, sweet and very high-calorie," Polina Gagarina shared with the journalists. Growth, weight at that time little worried girl.

Immediately after the birth of her son Polina became rigidlimit yourself to eating. She concentrated her will and regained control, because she had to get rid of the hateful fat deposits. And to give up sweets and fatty food the singer managed with ease. In the first week after childbirth, she ate only soup of celery. Then I switched to mono-diets, that is, I only ate one product a day. On the first day - white rice, in the second - a chicken breast, in the third - vegetables and soups from them.

Pauline Gagarin's growth weight parameters

Her forms became even more refined than before pregnancy. Subsequently, Polina switched to proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

In losing weight helped study at the Moscow Art Theater

The girl never left school in the theatricalhigh school, she attended classes even on the last days of pregnancy and after the delivery she came to the class in two weeks. At the school-studio, attending classes in fencing and drama dance is mandatory. Therefore, severe restrictions on eating were also supplemented by serious physical exertion.

By the way, it was in the Moscow Art Theater that the singer got acquainted with the father of her child.
She graduated from Polina in June 2010 with a red diploma.

How did the diet Gagarin?

Because it severely and severely restricted itself in eatingPolina Gagarina, height, weight came to a normal ratio. But because of such restrictions, of course, the general state of health of the singer was violated. Because of this, the milk was gone, and the girl stopped breastfeeding the baby.

Then Polina decided to develop her own diet, suitable for her regime of the day, which can be adhered to for a long time. And most importantly - without harm to health.

Polina Gagarina feeds 4 times a day, the lastfood intake - no later than 18 hours. Prepares dietary dishes only by a gentle way of heat treatment, adding the most minimal amount of fat. She does not allow herself to eat any kinds of raznosols, which are many at festive tables and social events. Do not use anything superfluous, so you do not have to burn calories hotly the next day.

The principle of diet Gagarin

"It is better to stick to a balanced diet,than then sit on a rigid diet and limit yourself to everything, "says Polina Gagarina," The height and weight will correspond to the norm if you follow some simple principles of nutrition:

  • Exclude from the diet fatty, fried foods, fast food, any sweets and pastries, alcoholic beverages.
  • You can eat lean varieties of meat and fish, any cereals, fruits, vegetables, berries, dried fruits and fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Daily intake of food should be divided into breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.
  • The last meal - no later than 4 hours before bedtime.
  • There should be regular training in the gym, and dance classes also help in the maintenance of the figure.

The height and weight of Polina Gagarina

Such a nutrition system helps to keepfigure in perfect condition, you can see this by looking at the numerous photos on which Polina Gagarina is depicted. Age, height, weight of the singer at the moment 28 years, 164 cm and 47-48 kg respectively.

What Do Dieticians Say

Gagarina Polina Sergeevna, the growth, whose weightare the subjects of discussion of numerous fans, today it has been able to achieve almost ideal proportions. However, many people say that it is a little hudovat, because with the growth of 164 cm the normal weight - 54 kg.

When a child is pregnant, women often changecharacter and behavior. Pauline did not limit herself to anything, gained a lot of extra pounds. After giving birth, to restore the form, resorted to too rigid methods. What do dietologists think about this? Specialists say that mono-diets are strictly forbidden to nursing mothers. You can not put weight loss higher than feeding the baby with mother's milk.

Polina correctly did that she refusedlarge restrictions. In general, its principles are fully consistent with proper and healthy nutrition. If you still observe the drinking regimen and add physical activity, then you will get full compliance with a healthy lifestyle.

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