Attractive woman with amazing beautyvoice has already conquered the whole world with his talent. Lara Fabian, whose biography will be briefly described in this article, from an early age engaged in singing, developed her vocal abilities, which she saw the father-guitarist. Thanks to hard work on themselves and purposefulness, she became a star of world importance.

biography of lara fabian

Biography of Lara Fabian: childhood

The future singer was born in Etterbek(suburb of Brussels) in 1970 on 9 January. Her father was from Belgium, her mother was from Sicily. Until 1975, the family lived in Sicily, and then moved to Belgium. When the girl was five years old, her father, a professional musician, noticed that she has unusual vocal data. And I decided to help my daughter develop her talent. At the age of eight she already composed her first musical works, playing at home on the piano, at the same time she was engaged in vocal and solfeggio at a music school. When the girl was fourteen years old, her father began to take her with him to concerts in music clubs. Lara participated in various vocal competitions, in 1986 she won first place in the competition for young performers "Tramplin" and received the main prize - recording the first disc.

Biography of Lara Fabian: international success

In 1988 the young performer representedEurovision Luxembourg and then took fourth place. After that, Lara Fabian became popular in Europe, her records were released for sale in several languages. In 1990, the singer met with Rick Ellison, with whom he leaves to conquer Canada. Meanwhile, her father is engaged in the promotion of her first album in Europe.

lara fabian biography

In 1994, Lara Fabian released the second album inCanada, and in two weeks it becomes golden. At the awards ceremony of the ADISQ Awards in 1995, the singer receives two awards at once: for the best performance and as the best performer of the year. Biography of Lara Fabian shows her amazing humanity and kind soul. From the very first fees she starts her charity work, helps children with heart disease and other diseases fulfill their dreams.

Biography of Lara Fabian: a real triumph

The first big tour, which went tothe singer in 1998 for European countries, brought her a crazy popularity. Her songs have been on top of musical charts for a long time.

Lara Fabian biography children

Since then, already a popular singer all over the worldtirelessly working on new albums, pleases his fans with new compositions. Cooperates with world stars of show business. In recent years, the singer has collaborated with Igor Krutym. Their creative tandem presented the audience with an entire album with songs in four languages, music by Igor Krutoy, and lyrics by Lara Fabian.

Biography: children and family

In autumn 2007, Lara gave birth to daughter Lou, whonamed after her mother Louise. The girl's father was the famous French director Gerard Pullicino. Until the end of the pregnancy Lara acted and participated in various shows and a few months after the birth of her daughter was on stage. Marriage of Lara and Gerard lasted 7 years. Now the lover and spouse of the singer is a magician from Sicily Gabriel Di Giorgio.

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