Today we will talk about the movie "Fight with the Shadow 2: The Revenge". Actors and features of this tape will be presented below. It is a Russian film in 2007. It is the continuation of the eponymous series.


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First, we discuss the plot of the film "Fight with the Shadow 2: Revenge". Actors will be presented below. Since the end of the events of the last part of the film is five years. Four of them Artem spends in custody. American manager Michael makes Artyom an offer to take part in a rematch with Larry Palmer. The latter is the owner of three belts and the world champion. Artem agrees. He goes to the USA. Begins training. Soon Vika comes to him. Artem conducts a series of successful battles. Moves to the duel for the title of the absolute champion.

Main actors

Denis Nikiforov played Artyom Kolchin. It's about the Russian actor of cinema and theater. He was born in 1977, on August 2. He plays in the Moscow theater-studio Tabakov. He graduated from the Moscow Art Theater. He studied in the course of O. P. Tabakov. Among his roles: Constantine, Ippolit, Burdovsky, Christopher, Cavalier Danseni, Patient, Student, Guy, Nikita, Saratov. He gained fame by embodying the image of Artyom Kolchin in the trilogy called "Fight with the Shadow," of which we are talking today. He starred in the role of Alexander Makeev in the movie "Night Swallows."

denis nikiphorov

Andrei Panin embodied the image of Valiev. Elena Panova played to Vika Ermakova. It's about the Russian actress of cinema and theater. He is a laureate of the State Prize. She was born in Arkhangelsk. Her father is Viktor Petrovich, a theater director and head of the Arkhangelsk theater. Mother is a teacher in piano. Her name is Zhanna Viktorovna Panova. Elena was trained at the MXAT School-Studio in the course of Oleg Efremov. She was accepted into the troupe MXT.

In the movie debuted, playing in the movie "New Year'shistory". Then she got a role in the Swiss tape of Daniel Schmid called "Berezina". Popularity brought roles in the television series "Frontier" and "Fighting with the Shadow." Elena Panova is married, has two daughters - Lydia and Marianna.

Other heroes

Michael - promoter Artem, and Julia - hisdeputy - also appear in the plot of the movie "Fight with the Shadow 2: Revenge." Actors Mikhail Goreva and Ekaterina Malikova embodied these images. Oleg Vasilkov played Batova. Pavel Derevianko received the role of Timokhi. Oleg Chudnitsov was remembered by the audience as Mustafa. Alvaro Orlando played Caesar. Dmitry Shevchenko played the role of Nechaev. Alexei Frandetti embodied the image of a flutist. Pietro Arpeszella played Marek. Jeremy Batista was given the role of Diego. Bedzharano Giovanni reincarnated in Marco.

Jeffrey De Serrano appeared in the film as Manuel. Victor Lopez played Felix Mendez. Mariano Mendoza played the role of a gangster. Anthony Ray Parker played Buddy McDire. Michael-John Wolfe embodied the image of the policeman. Ivan Makarevich played Kostya. Larissa Baranova was remembered by the audience as Timokhi's wife. Alexei Malkov embodied the image of the second Kolchin. Maxim Litovchenko played Shlykova. Andris Lielais received the role of Nolan. Eugene Smirnov-Ivanitsky played Irishman Quori. Nikolai Soloviev embodied the image of a special commander.

Natalia Batrak played a flower girl. Gus Redwood received the role of boxer Larry Palmer. Also in the film were: Rico Devereaux, Eugene Voskresensky, Igor Skurikhin, Alexei Korolev, Andrey Perov, Vladimir Pivovarov, Victoria Runtsova, Irena Gregor, Svetlana Tormakhova, Alexei Ryzhkov, Olga Proshkina.

Interesting Facts

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Let's give some interesting information about the film"Fight with the Shadow 2: Revenge". The film's actors were presented above. Alexey Shelygin created the majority of compositions for the film. The author of music for the action scenes was the Newtone project. Also in the film are compositions: Brooks Bufford, Slot, BandEros, Underbiz, Ivan Smirnov, CENTR.

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