Tinto Brass is a famous Italian screenwriter, film director, actor, producer. The list of Tinto Brass films is full of erotic tapes, which made the director famous all over the world.


The true name of Tinto Brass is Giovanni. The future director was born in the capital of Italy, Milan on March 26, 1933. In college, Tinto studied law. After graduation, Brass moved to France and went to work in the most prestigious world archive.

list of movies tinto brassa

After living in France for a while, the boy returns to Italy. Here he goes to work in the cinema. At first he becomes an assistant with such directors as Rossellini and Cavalcanti.

Directing career

The list of films by Tinto Brass is now quite impressive, and the first film was directed by the director in 1963. The picture "Who works, is lost" was liked by both critics and ordinary spectators.

In 1964, the director released three more of his paintings "My Lady", "Flying Saucer" and "Ka Ira, the uprising stream."

During this period of his life, the director experimented with genres. He shoots both comedies and skits and novels and psychological tapes.

In 1968, the picture "Scream" comes out. For the next six years, this film is banned for display in Italy.

In 1969 the director produces the film "Black on White". This comedy tells us the story of a married woman who has entered into a romantic relationship with an African American. The film not only reveals the melodramatic line, but also criticizes the infringement of human rights on the basis of gender, race.

Black on white

In 1972, Tinto Brassa recognizes the merits of the world community. He is invited to the jury of the International Berlin Festival.

In 1976, a list of Tinto Brass films was replenished with the erotic tape "Caligula", which glorified Brass. Although many scenes of the film were carved by censorship, at the box office Caligula broke all records.

In 2002 Tinto Brass presents to the public his new film "Black Angel". Another name for this film is "The Sense of the Year 45". The picture tells about the love adventures of a German woman in March 1945. She is trying to track down one of her former lovers, now Lieutenant SS. Searches lead her to Venice.

Several times Tinto embodied his directorial intentions on the stage of the theater. Due to the frank erotic nature of his work, many productions were banned.

The process of creating a picture

The brass himself carefully follows eachstage of creating movies. He has experience writing scripts and editing films and producing. With the help of her approach to work, Tinto tries to convey to the audience her own vision of the world. His tapes are filled with the search for personal freedom.

Sensuality in Brassa's films,psychology and the plot in them more than in the erotic pictures of other directors. Often in the movies there is voyeurism. To those who call the director's work pornography, Tinto responds that pornography causes only an erection, and his work causes feelings and emotions in viewers.

List of Tinto Brass films

Black Angel

What films were directed by Tinto Brass during his career?

  • In 1963, the film "On top of the world."
  • In 1964, the painting "Ka Ira, the rebellion of the stream", the comedy "The Flying Saucer", "My Lady".
  • In 1966 the tape "Yankees".
  • In 1967, the film "Out of breath."
  • In 1969 the painting "Black on White".
  • In 1970 - the tape "Vopl".
  • In 1970 and 1971 the films "Eliminated", "I miss Sonya Heni", "Holiday".
  • In 1975, the erotic picture "Salon Kitty."
  • In 1979, "Caligula" and the movie "Motor!".
  • In 1983 - the tape "Key".
  • In 1985 - the film "Miranda".
  • In 1987, the painting "Love and Passion".
  • In 1988, the ribbon "The Snack Buffet". "
  • In 1990 and 1991 erotic tapes "Paprika" and "All ladies do it".
  • In 1993, the film "The Spying".
  • In 1995, the painting "Mail of Tinto Brass".
  • In 1998, the picture "Shalunya."
  • In 1999 - the painting "Breaking the prohibitions".
  • In 2002 the film "Black Angel".
  • In 2003, the picture "Oh, women!".
  • In 2005 - the film "My Love".
  • In 2008, an erotic tape "Peeping in the kitchen."
  • In 2012, the film "Who killed Caligula 3D?"
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