Roman Balayan is a bright and well-known figure.the domestic film world. Being a master of intellectual and psychological cinema, he confidently takes the place of one of the most popular and internationally recognized directors of our time.

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Childhood and the beginning of a career

Balayan Roman Gurgenovich was born in Azerbaijanithe village of Nerkin-Oratag (Mardakert region of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan) on April 15, As a child, he remained without a father who died during the Great Patriotic War. Her mother was a doctor, and she also took part in productions of local theatrical circles. In 1948, the family moved to Grozny, but in 1951 returned home. In the period from 1959 to 1961 Roman served as an actor in the dramatic theater named after M. Gorky in the city of Stepanakert (Nagorno-Karabakh). And just this year he moved to Armenia and became a student at the Theater Institute of the city of Yerevan (directing faculty). However, in 1964, for a while, he took a break from studies and continued it at the Kiev Theater Institute. Karpenko-Kary (on the directing course of cinematography).

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Friendship with Parajanov

Roman Balayan was firmly convinced that at the age of 26 hewill become a genius director. And the reason for this confidence was that "in his 26 Eisenstein created the film" Battleship Potemkin. " But in the "appointed time" Roman was still a student. And it was during his student days that he met Paradzhanov, who at first left a very bad impression of himself. However, over time, among the admirers of the talent of the director was Roman. Balayan himself later admitted that Paradzhanov had become for him not just a teacher and an unconditional authority, but almost a god.

Later, when Sergei Iosifovich was arrested(April 1973), Roman Balayan became one of the initiators of the letter of cultural figures in defense of Parajanov. He also referred one of the copies of the letter to the General Prosecutor's Office. But, unfortunately, this did not lead to anything, and Balayan had to communicate with his teacher through correspondence. By chance, Roman Gurgenovich could not attend the funeral of the genius director, and he was very sorry about that. But, paying tribute to his Teacher, he made a documentary film called "Night at Parajanov Museum."

director's work

Director's debut

Despite a few filmsography, there arehis paintings are something, after which the attentive spectator can say with certainty that the director of the tape is Balayan. Roman Gurgenovich himself often joked about this, saying that his films have more friends than his own. And he also said that, despite all the shortcomings of his paintings, he was the only filmmaker close to Paradzhanov who came out of imitation of a talented director. The only exception was the thesis "Zlodyі spimimali" ("The thief was caught").

However, the first full-fledged directorial debut("Romashkin Effect"), in the opinion of the director himself, was not very successful. Although the viewer's story about friends who decided to remove kefir advertising, took it very warmly. The main role in the film was played by Mikhail Derzhavin, and his friends - Nikolai Tkachuk and Nikolai Grinko. But this film was also criticized by many, and even closed. Then came the more successful paintings - "Kashtanka" (1975) and "Biryuk" (1977).

flying in a dream and in reality

"Flights in a dream and in reality"

After the success of "Biryuk" had to survive wholefive years of downtime. Although there were suggestions, but Balayan himself simply refused to shoot miners and workers. Roman Gurgenovich later admitted that this was pure selfishness, because the family at the time was starving. It was these years of calm that served as the motive for the next film. So "the births" of "Flights in a dream and in reality" were born.

The script was originally written for Nikita Mikhalkov,but once Balayan at home on TV saw how Oleg Jankowski slices a lemon. And the whole thing was in the look with which he looked at everyone, there was some rebellion in him, a protest to society ... After that, Balyana had to refuse Mikhalkov, but he still played in the film an episodic role - the director on the set. As a result, the film went "with a bang". The picture of a man who could not find a place in life, as if he absorbed all the pain that the country was living at that time. Everyone in the main character found himself, and Jankowski himself later admitted that this was his most interesting role ...

director's work


Immediately after completing the filming of "Flying ..." Balayanbegan work on the painting "Kiss" (a screen version of the same story by Anton Chekhov), according to many viewers and film critics, who became one of the best films of the director. And again in the main role - Oleg Yankovsky, who played a noble officer, suffering from mental anguish. The company this time was made up by Alexander Abdulov and Oleg Menshikov (the role of the latter was at least small, but noticeable). However, when watching the film, one can feel who prefers Balayan. Roman Gurgenovich was so enthusiastic about Yankovsky that he brought it to the fore, and only in the second plan, attention is transferred to Abdulov. And somewhere on the outskirts, with the frightened eyes of the young officer, Menshikov "rocks" ... The film was completely delivered in just eight months and was warmly received by the audience.

flying in a dream and in reality

Spectator Love

Director's works of Roman Balayan alwayscause interest, and afterwards the love of the public. They are waiting impatiently. In addition, in an interview, he admitted that he is preparing a new script and dreams of removing Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (leader of the group "Ocean Elzy") in the lead role. Of course, this fuels the interest of the public even more. Well, we will look forward to his new film career ...

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