One of the young actors who managed to conquerthe love of many viewers, is Yaroslav Zhalnin. The filmography of this artist includes many different roles in various films. The army of admirers of this remarkable person with the release of each new film is constantly growing.


Yaroslav from Nizhny Tagil. He was born on March 25, 1986. His father was a policeman, and my mother played in a small theater. It was from his mother that the future actor inherited his love of art. From the very childhood Zhalnin showed himself as a creative person: he was engaged in a circus studio, ballroom dancing, he played in the theater. Parents helped Yaroslav in every way, supporting him on this rather difficult field.

jaroslav jalnin

This actor started his activity back in thehe was engaged in a theatrical circle and played in plays. At the age of 12 Yaroslav was already playing in the amateur theater, where his mother also played the role. At this age, Zhalnin felt the taste of "star fever", but everything was stopped by his uncle in time, making a remark in his adult colleagues. This situation was remembered by the young actor for life, and he did not allow himself any more such "ups". As he later told the press, this situation radically affected his character, his outlook.

Education and first roles

First, Yaroslav wanted to become a policeman, likehis father. But his dreams did not come true by chance. Zhalnin was injured in the spine during his studies at the circus studio, and she did not give him the opportunity to go to the police school. His classmates assured Yaroslav that he has an actor's talent, and one must act on a specialty in acting. The guy decided to go to the Moscow Art Theater School. There he could not act. However, fate again turned to face him. It was at this point that he noticed the director of the film "Manga", which was in search of faces still unfamiliar to the viewer on the television screen. The young actor received in this film one of the main roles. In parallel with this work, he gained experience, working as a simple work stage, and was engaged in his proper pronunciation.

Having a great desire and talent, he entered theVGIK. He was preparing for the exams on the way to his work. During his studies, Zhalnin received several awards for his roles in short films. At the same time, the guy managed to play Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Ivan Bezdomny Bulgakov.

Yaroslav Jalvin filmography

The character of Yuri Gagarin

After studying, Yaroslav was given major roles in several films: "To Paris!", "Karasi", and also he appeared in the series "Golubka" and "The Method of Laurel". Now the actor is working in the theater "Bu ...".

The most difficult, but also interesting role is Yaroslavconsiders the image of Yuri Gagarin in the film "Gagarin. The first in space. " This role went to the actor quite hard. Samples were held for six months. An indispensable condition was the ability to show Gagarin not just a hero, known to the whole world, but also an ordinary guy who has spiritual qualities and certain principles in life. It helped that Yuri Gagarin looked a little like Yaroslav Zhalnin. Many people compared his photo and the famous cosmonaut, but the actor himself does not observe such similarity.

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Preparation for filming in the film about Gagarin and other works

After Yaroslav's statement on this role, he experiencedall the difficulties of preparing an astronaut to fly on himself. The actor was actively engaged in sports with the coach to bring his form back to normal, as all the stunt tricks in the film Jaroslav Zhalnin, whose filmography was enriched with another interesting work, performed independently. The only thing that he was not allowed to do was to jump with a parachute.

The actor even experienced his strength in a centrifuge withload 4G, and these feelings he will remember for life. Although Gagarin himself was testing 10G, the actor now understands what physical and moral strength this person possessed.

Zhalnin even had to fly on an airplane, onwhich Yuri Gagarin passed his exams. But the most difficult in the filming, according to Yaroslav, there were episodes when he had to shoot in a very heavy suit and an iron helmet, which he constantly banged his teeth.

After "Gagarin" actor starred in the film abouta front-line soldier who returned from the war, and no one is waiting for him at home - his wife betrayed him. This role, played by Yaroslav, also showed him as a talented and wonderful actor, expanding the list of his admirers.

ярослав жалнин personal life

Personal life

After these shootings, Jaroslav Zhalnin, private lifewhich is pretty remarkable, has made a break, as he was actively preparing for the wedding with the young choreographer Elona Kazakova. After the wedding, the actor continues to act in films and play in the theater, but tries as much as possible to spend time with his wife. According to him, he is not the person who wants to earn all the money in the world. His family life Yaroslav is very proud and at every opportunity tells about how happy he is in marriage.

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