In 2013 on the channel "Russia-1" the premiere of melodrama took place, in which famous television actors starred. "Medicine against fear" is a story about how the main character is fanatically devoted to his cause and is ready to do anything for him. Will the military surgeon Kovalyov be able to cope with the trials that have fallen to his lot, and who will help him in this?

A short story and the creators of the series

The series "Medicine against fear" (2013)tells the story of the military surgeon Andrei Kovalyov. Kovalev is devoted to his work. He traveled around many hot spots, saved dozens, and even hundreds of lives. But in one moment all his usual life turned upside down.

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Under mysterious circumstances, a closefriend of the protagonist. Andrew is contused, and the medical commission forbids him for a time medical practice. Kovalev strikes in teaching, but the death of a friend does not give him rest. In addition, he wants to return to surgery, but a treacherous tremor in his hands makes this impossible. At the time of despair Kovalyov agrees to test a prohibited drug, which supposedly will help him return to his former form. Only the price of all this - a terrible dependence on the medicine, with which you still need to find the strength to cope. This trainee will be helped by loyal trainee trainees and beloved Rita Shagrai.

The film was filmed with the support of the TV channel "Russia-1" and was first shown on May 20, 2013. The project was directed by Alexander Aravin, who also worked on the paintings "Drawing" and "Piranhas".

The series "Medicine against fear": actors and roles. Alexander Lazarev as military surgeon Kovalyov

Alexander Lazarev, Jr. is the son of the famous Soviet actor Alexander Lazarev, who played in the films "Walking by Flour" and "Take Care of Men".

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Lazarev, Jr. was born in 1967. At the age of 12 he already made his debut on the stage of the Theater. Vl. Mayakovsky, playing a small role in the play "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk." After the army, the future artist graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio and began acting in films in episodic roles. However, in order not to be compared to his father, the young Lazarev used the pseudonym A. Trubetskoi.

Only in the 90's, Lazarev began to use hertrue surname. In the 93rd he received his first major role (film performance "Provincial Benefit"). Since that time Alexander Lazarev has played in many worthy films: "Secrets of palace coups" by S. Druzhinina, "Idiot" by Vladimir Bortko, "Admiral" by Andrey Kravchuk. In 2009, Lazarev received the main role in the comedy "Artifact", which also starred Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Valery Nikolayev, Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov and other famous actors.

"Medicine Against Fear" - Lazarev's next serial work. Also to the best television works of the artist it is possible to carry films "Zemsky Doctor", "Life and Adventures of Mishka Japonchik", "Ekaterina".

"Medicine against fear": actors (2013). Elvira Bolgova as Rita Shagrai

Elvira Bolgova, a graduate of the School. Shchepkin, appeared on the screens in the mid-90's. In the 98th actress received the first major role - in the melodrama "Tests for Real Men", where together with her starred Alexei Serebryakov and Anna Kamenkova. After that, Elvira often began to assign the role of central characters: those she played in the melodramas "Times Do not Choose", "Time is Money", "Wanted" and others.

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Interesting heroines got Bolgovoy in the famousfilms "Pechorin. Hero of Our Time "," Young Wolfhound "and" Officers ". In 2008, Elvira played Laura in "Street Riders", where she also starred Marina Alexandrova, Alexei Chadov and other famous actors.

"Medicine against fear" - a film in whichactress got the role of the beloved surgeon Kovalyov. In their relationship, everything was not at all simple, especially considering the fact that it was Shagrai who worked in the company Medolek, which produced dangerous drugs.

Dmitry Ulyanov as Lagodin

The mentioned names did not end with the listknown performers who took part in the shooting of the series. There were other actors. "Medicine against fear," for example, was included in the filmography of Dmitry Ulyanov, an actor of the E. Vakhtangov Theater. Ulyanov acted as a demon-tempter. It was his hero who persuaded surgeon Kovalyov to "get hooked" on dangerous pills. And, of course, Cyril Lagodin did it without taking into account his own profit.

Dmitry Ulyanov began his career in suchknown projects like "Border. Tayozhny Novel "," March of Turkish "and" The Death of the Empire ". Subsequently, the artist played many major roles in the films "St. John's wort", "Little Moscow", "Riorita", "Milkmaid from Hatsapetovka. Challenge to fate "," Island of unnecessary people ".

Other performers of roles

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In "Medicine Against Fear" there were roles forbeginning artists. Timothy Karataev ("My Beloved Daddy"), Robert Studenovsky ("Ment wars"), Eugene Slavsky ("Scream of the Owl"), Eugene Shumeiko ("Cuisine") and Polina Vorobyova ("The Domogoroy") appeared on the screens of the trainees of the surgeon Kovalev. ).

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