At the heart of every process should sparkle- human thought, initiative, talent. If a spark can produce a flame, then there is light. Such a light, indicating the path that gave life and forever preserved in the memory of millions of people, was a man of unique power and unlimited possibilities, Sukhanov Sergey Germanovich. The death of a great cardiac surgeon who invested in the dry science of fine medicine the artist's subtle soul, not only shocked the world - she hit the heart, and this is not a metaphor.

Sergey Sukhanov cause of death

The beginning of the way

Born in 1953, Sergei Sukhanov almost to theThe very end of the school dreamed of an artistic career, until he suddenly and clearly changed his life plans, having set himself a definite goal - to become a professor of cardiac surgery. To achieve his, as he understood yet as a schoolboy, the main purpose of the great master was able to forty years. Before that, thousands of human lives had already been drawn by his hands.

Brilliantly finished in 1976, PermState Medical Institute opened a young specialist the way to great medicine. Under the guidance of Academician Eugene Wagner, the future associate professor and professor, and then still a simple graduate student, Sergei Sukhanov, was not afraid to take the initiative in organizing a new vascular department at the Perm regional hospital.

The beginning of a new era

During this period, at the end of the seventies,the beginning of a new era of cardiovascular surgery, which is already firmly and permanently included the name of a little-known, but promising doctor. It will take years before the 20 beds of the modest hospital department grow into a powerful and first-class clinic, but the birth of Wagner's great and bold idea from the distant fifties has already found its successor.

In 1983, Sergei Sukhanov defends the candidate,and ten years later and a doctoral dissertation. A little more time passes, and the dream of a Permian schoolboy becomes a reality - a professor of the PGMA named after. Academician EA Wagner. S. Sukhanov confirms the well-known principle that if there is a desire, then there will be time for its implementation.

Sukhanov Sergey Germanovich death

The first among the first

He does not stop studying, despite the fact thathis practice reaches a peak, which is still considered unattainable. Endless closed operations on the myocardium, testing of new methods, drawn from the colossal practice of Swiss colleagues - all this leads to the fact that in November 1995 a world event took place in Perm - surgical intervention on the open myocardium under the supervision of Israeli professor Aram Smolinsky with the help of S. Sukhanov.

That memorable operation lays a newa cornerstone in the development of the Russian cardiac surgeon a new, complex method of saving human lives. The stage of independent operations of such a plan begins and a rapid, unparalleled success - after only 17 years in only Perm Territory, 25,000 operations were performed on the open myocardium. By this time the fame of the institute in Perm has already spread far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation, the name Sergei Sukhanov becomes a household name in the world of medicine.

Being the most common practicing surgeon inRussia, a world-famous doctor also leads the life of an active politician. As a confidant of President V.Putin, he takes over the leadership of the regional headquarters of voters and brings the number of those who voted for Putin to a record level of 70%, which is twice the previous figures of people's loyalty to the current government.

Sergey Sukhanov

End of the way

Sergey Sukhanov, whose cause of death ispromulgated as an oncological disease, passed away at the age of 62. The surgeon, a thousand times awakening the beating of human life, labored, trained and did not cease to endlessly study until his death. The event on July 24, 2015, a stirring world of not indifferent people, was named the end of the innovative era of Sukhanov - a human doctor, an artist, a man holding his heart in the palm of his hand.

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