The film "Saw II" (Saw II) - the continuation of the film"Saw: the game of survival." During the viewing, the audience will learn the story of the sophisticated serial killer John Cramer, nicknamed the Designer. If you like thrillers, you will definitely like the movie "Saw 2". Actors excellently coped with their roles, and the intricate plot keeps in suspense until the last minutes of the film.

The plot of the movie

Saw 2 actors
The mood for watching the film is set by its firstminutes. Michael Marks (Noam Jenkins) regains consciousness in a strange room. On his neck is tightly fixed a mask, the inner surfaces of which are generously studded with thorns. This means that the game has started. Michael lost and was killed by a clever designer trap. Detective Erik Matthews comes to investigate this unusual death. The brave policeman manages to calculate the location of the maniac of the Designer, John Cramer. However, the criminal is not upset because of the detective's visit and his assistants. And he offers Eric just to talk heart to heart.

As the main argument in favor of the conversationThe designer reports that the detective's son is currently in a new trap. Together with him in the game of survival are people who Meteyus once sent for jail. The audience will be amazed at the outcome of the film "Saw 2". Actors and roles are chosen so well that from the first minutes this story really drags on and seems incredibly real and exciting. Until the very end, the viewer believes in a happy end and wants the main positive hero to defeat a mad maniac. Still, no one is allowed to re-play the Designer, who has an ideal mathematical mind. The detective himself falls into a trap, after which it becomes clear that he did not succeed in uncovering all the secrets of John Cramer.

"Saw 2" (film): actors and roles

Saw 2 film actors
A multi-part film "Saw" is a story aboutmaniac designer - John Cramer. The main villain in the series of films was Tobin Bell. This actor is known for his negative characters, he even has several appropriate awards recognizing him as the best screen killer. It is believed that success came to Tobin after the film "Saw 2". Actors-colleagues on the shop claim that in life Bell does not look like his characters at all. While viewers from all over the world agree that the blood in his veins stings from John Cramer's only calm and sinister voice. The role of the main positive hero of the detective Eric Matthews was performed by Donnie Wahlberg. As well as for Tobin Bell, for him the iconic film "Saw 2" became significant.

The actors who appeared in the film could notTo imagine how popular it will become after the release in the rental. Many people began to learn about this film. In the second part of the story, the audience sees Shouni Smith as already familiar with the first "Saw", the actress playing the role of Amanda Young - the only survivor after the Constructor's test. Daniel, son of Eric Matthews, played Erik Knudsen. Performers of secondary roles in the film - Emmanuel Vogye, Frankie Gee, Dina Meyer, Beverly Mitchell, Glenn Plummer, Lirik Bent, Tim Bard, Tony Npappo.

Interesting facts about the film

Saw 2 actors and roles
Just like the first part of the story, "Saw 2" waswas filmed for a record period (less than a month) subject to a limited budget. The film turned out to be much more dynamic, new traps appeared in it, the personality and the history of the main villain were revealed. Today, viewers are available two options for the picture: screen and director (more detailed) version. Contradictory emotions in the audience is called "Saw 2". Actors say that they received a lot of messages and responses. What is remarkable, many viewers sympathize with John Kramer because of his difficult fate, and note that they agree with his life position.

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